June Most Deadliest Month On Ontario Roads

OPP Statistics Reveal Deadliest Month On Ontario Roads

Although the numbers are not officially in, according to the Ontario Provincial Police, June has been the deadliest month so far on Ontario roads. According to the OPP, most of the fatal crashes could have been prevented. In the most recent published numbers, 23 crashes occurred between June 1 – 21, 2015.

According to the numbers released by the OPP, four of the collisions resulted in double fatalities. One of the crashes resulted in the death of two motorcyclists. Two fatal collisions saw two drivers charged with impaired causing death.

The OPP also confirmed that consistent poor driver behaviours such as distracted driving, speeding and not wearing a seat belt caused the majority of fatalities on Ontario’s roads. These driver actions are all too familiar to the OPP. According to the law enforcement’s deputy commissioner, Brad Blair,

“Until all drivers stop speeding, driving impaired or distracted and ensure that everyone in their vehicle is buckled in, history will continue to repeat itself and innocent people will continue to die on our roads,” he explained.

Although impaired driving has taken a back seat to distracted driving when it comes to media awareness, people continue to get behind the wheel while impaired. Drivers need to act responsibly and prevent any family and friends from getting behind the wheel if they have been drinking.

The statics are devastating, with 27 people killed on Ontario roads. Young Drivers of Canada is encouraging motorists to drive responsibly. Avoid distractions, impairment and speeding when heading out on the roads. Don’t become the next statistic!

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