Lower Auto Insurance Rates Through Driver Education

Young Drivers of Canada Driver Education Saves You Money

Auto insurance can be a major expense for many new drivers, with the cost of coverage always on the rise. The problem for drivers is that they cannot drive without auto insurance and this is where the dilemma arises. There are, however ways that you can save and reduce the cost of your auto insurance premium. One of the ways is through driver education. Young Drivers of Canada, Canada’s national driver education organization is here to provide you with the information that you need when it comes to obtaining affordable auto insurance for new drivers.

Driver Education and Auto Insurance

New drivers are one of the most expensive to insure for a variety of reasons. These reasons include;

  1. New drivers are inexperienced when it comes driving.
  2. New drivers do not have any driving history.
  3. New drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in a collision.

As a new driver, you will automatically pay a higher premium but there are ways, through Young Drivers of Canada that you can save on your insurance premium payments.

Driver Education Courses Save Money

Driver education courses provided by Young Drivers of Canada can result in significant savings when it comes to obtaining auto insurance. Many insurance companies look at the education aspect of newly licensed drivers and will reward those drivers with savings when it comes to their insurance premium. The reasoning behind these awarded savings from the insurance companies’ point of view is that drivers who take driver education are building a firm foundation for their driving skills. With driver education, drivers can be confident that they are making smart decisions on the road, reducing  the risk of collisions and tickets, all that affect a driver’s risk assessment when it comes to auto insurance.

As you become an experienced driver you will be able to qualify for better insurance rates. Some insurance companies will also reward experienced drivers who take refresher driver education and specialty programs such as the Young Drivers of Canada Cognifit and Collisionfree! programs. Many organizations that operate fleet vehicles look to save on insurance and enroll their drivers in improvement courses to realize on insurance savings. Young Drivers of Canada works with organizations to customize programs that will result in insurance premium savings.

Driver education is also seen as an active step to improve driving skills and develop safe driving behaviours. By completing an approved driver education course as provided by Young Drivers of Canada, new drivers can save significantly when it comes to auto insurance. Different insurance companies will provide different savings. What is important is that drivers provide their insurance company with documentation that shows their driver education course completion. It is important to note that not all driving schools qualify for insurance reductions. For instance in Ontario, any driving school that is not approved and in good standing with the Ministry of Transportation will not qualify for insurance savings. The MTO provides a listing of active and in good standing driver education schools that can be found at http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/dandv/driver/gradu/approve.shtml

Over time, insurance premiums for drivers who maintain safe driving records will decrease. What is important to consider is the foundation of driving. Young Drivers of Canada offers driver education course for all types of drivers, from novice to mature. Young Drivers of Canada through its driver education programs teaches driving skills for life!

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