National Teen Driver Safety Week: What you should know

What it’s all about

For the fifth year in a row, Young Drivers of Canada will be joining community organizations across Canada to promote National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW). Designed to create awareness of the safety issues facing teen drivers and to promote a proactive solution to those challenges, NTDSW will run from October 15 to 21, 2017.

Led by non-profit organization Parachute, this year’s NTDSW will feature over 500 events and focus on four specific issues:

  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Aggressive driving (including speeding)
  • Drugged driving (With cannabis commonly found among young drivers who are fatally injured in car crashes, awareness around drug use has taken particular prominence this year.)

Why it’s important

Parachute has identified the following statistics, which demonstrate the need for NTDSW:

  • “Young people are overrepresented in motor vehicle collision statistics, and are known to demonstrate increased risk-taking behaviour, particularly related to driving.”
  • “While young people only make up 12 per cent of the licensed drivers, they account for approximately one fifth of all road-related injuries and fatalities.”
  • “Canadian teenagers aged 16-19 remain at a higher risk of death per kilometre than all other age groups, and motor vehicle collisions are a main cause of injury and mortality for this age group.”

What you can do

  1. Join the conversation on social media, using the hashtag #GetHomeSafe.
  2. Make your car a drug-free zone
  3. Keep your phone out of reach so you have no temptation to text or use social media while driving
  4. Don’t multitask behind the wheel
  5. Don’t drink and drive
  6. Speak up! Tell the driver of the car to make safety a priority
  7. Have a designated driver, taxi or family member to pick you up
  8. Drive according to the designated speed limit

How YD champions the mission of NTDSW

 Young Drivers of Canada’s Collisionfree!™ Approach educates student drivers on how to anticipate and avoid the dangers of the road, including the dangers posed by distracted driving.

YD teaches students how to:

  • Anticipate the actions of others
  • Spot problems on the road before the occur
  • Always have an escape route
  • Preform emergency maneuvers

This National Teen Driver Safety Week, let’s join our communities in establishing a strong voice of action and awareness. Together we can help minimize the risks facing young drivers.

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