New York Governor Gets Tough On Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving On New York Governor’s Agenda

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has announced a new initiative with Avis Budget Group in the fight to stop distracted driving. The governor’s office has also announced that two public service announcements that highlight the dangers of texting and driving will also be launched.

According to the press release, as part of the initiative to alert drivers who rent vehicles from Avis, a public service announcement will be displayed on the online reservation confirmation page. According to the Governor,

“Through this partnership, we are making the message heard loud and clear: Distracted driving is reckless, potentially life-threatening and has no place on New York’s roadways,” Governor Cuomo said. “These announcements will help amplify public awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.”

New York Distracted Driving Violations On Rise

In the state of New York between 2011 and 2014, the number of tickets issued for texting violations increased from approximately 9,000 to almost 76,000. These numbers reflect a continuing trend when it comes to using a smartphone while operating a motor vehicle. In the state of New York, the fines for cell phone use and texting behind the wheel have been increased. A first offense will result in a fine of $200. If a driver is caught within 18 months of the first offense, the fine will be $250. A third or any additional offense within an additional 18 months will result in a fine of $450.

Although fines are a good thing, the reality is that drivers require continued education to prevent distracted driving. Fines can dissuade drivers from driving distracted, but ultimately drivers need to be educated when it comes to dealing with distractions that occur while driving. Awareness such as the initiatives by the State of New York are a step in the right direction to prevent distracted driving!

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