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Being a Driving Instructor is a job like no other.  What does it feel like to be teaching drivers, new and experienced, in driving class and from the passenger seat?  Considering a lot of people say they could never do this job, we thought it would be interesting to see what really motivates and makes a Driving Instructor tick and how they achieve success.

We asked our experienced Young Drivers Instructors in Newmarket:

1. Pick 1 word to describe what being a YD driving Instructor means to them.

2. Give 1 sentence to describe why they chose this word.

The response was overwhelming.  The strong Young Drivers of Canada Newmarket team took on the challenge with zeal and shared the opinions of each of their Instructors with us….

George  – Gratifying – the feeling you get when a student, anxious about driving, passes his or her road test.

Ross  – Coach – because that is what I feel I really do – give my students the tools they need to be Collisionfree drivers.

Surjit  – Determined – I want to see my students reach their goals.

Jamie  – Encouraging -using a positive approach in my teaching, helps my students be successful.

Brad  – Thorough – because I understand the importance for students of learning the YD Approach to Collisionfree Driving.

Bill  – Engaged – I know students will learn more in class and in car if they feel engaged in the process.

Lloyd  – Challenging – being a driving instructor is a career that provides daily challenges and rewards.

Jeff  – Enthusiastic – I look forward each day to meeting new students and helping them learn to drive.

Pam  – Professional – I feel I bring a professional approach to teaching my students.

Dan  – Thoughtful – Making anxious students feel confident and relaxed gives me a real sense of satisfaction.

Eddie  – Efficient – I know using the YD system will guarantee my students success in their driving careers.

Karen – Confident – I know my students can learn to be safe defensive drivers using the YD techniques.

Mark – Driven – because I think a sense of humour helps students relax and learn.

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