One In Five Teen Drivers Take Selfies While Driving

Selfies While Driving Are Common in U.K.

New research has found that up to one in five young drivers risk their life by talking “selfies” at the wheel. The research, conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists in Britain also revealed that 7% of drivers watch videos and live streaming while driving.

The findings concluded that males are the greatest offenders, with 12% admitting to taking a selfie in comparison to 5% of women who took a selfie while driving in the last month. Although the study was conducted in Britain, distracted driving is a global problem. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving collisions resulted in 424,000 people injured and 3,154 deaths in 2013.

Selfies and Smartphone Use Illegal

In the U.K. as well as in Canada and most states in the United States, using a smart phone while driving is illegal. Despite large fines and demerit points, drivers continue to drive distracted by their phones. The recent IAM survey suggests that in the U.K. drivers interact with their phones while driving, sending messages, making calls, taking selfies and even placing video calls.

The findings are discouraging. Despite increasing fines, insurance claims, collisions, injuries, drivers continue to miss the point when it comes to smart phone use and driving. What will change the attitudes of drivers? The answer lies in the education of drivers who feel they will miss out if they don’t interact with their phones while driving. Nothing should be as important as a life. Drivers need to remember that driving is a privilege and not a right!

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