Parallel Parking made easy by Young Drivers of Canada

How to Parallel Park

Parallel Park Anywhere Any Time!

When you drive in busy downtown traffic, do you circle around the block to find any spot to avoid parallel parking?  Feel nervous when you have a line of cars behind you and have to parallel park? There is no need to avoid parallel parking once you understand the steps to take to make parallel parking easier.  Whether you are preparing for your driving test or you are an experienced driver who needs to brush up on their parallel parking, it is possible to get over “paranoid parking”.

Parallel Parking made easy by Young Drivers of Canada

Will I Fail My Driving Test if I Can’t Parallel Park?  

Not necessarily.  Young Drivers of Canada Director of Training Scott Marshall explains, “Lots of people have the preconceived notion that this driving maneuver is hard.  It really does not need to be.  Drivers need to practice parallel parking and trust their own abilities instead of listening to other paranoid parkers.  When it comes to your driving test, you will not necessarily fail if you don’t get close to the curb or you are crooked.  You will lose marks but you won’t fail.  When you are parallel parking and lose control of the car, this is when you could fail.  Examples of losing control are hitting the vehicle behind you or driving up the sidewalk.”

How to Parallel Park in 7 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Signal Ahead of Time  Signal your intention as you approach your space instead of signaling when you stop.  This will let other motorists know your upcoming action so they can react accordingly.

Step 2: Choose The Right Space The space available should be at least 1 ½ times the size of your vehicle.

Step 3: Creep The Car  – There is no hurry to park and your skill and technique will be what is needed to parallel park well – not speed.

Step 4: Time Your Turn – Start turning the steering wheel when you can see the rear of the car you are parking behind.

Step 5: Go In at 45°  – Call on geometry and know what a 45° angle looks like.  Start turning the steering wheel to the left as you creep slowly into the space.

Step 6: Observe Your Position –  Line up your vehicle with the vehicle behind.  It is very important to look into your space in addition to using your mirrors.  Reverse cameras are not as accurate in determining how close you get to the car behind you or to see a pedestrian. Do not just depend on reverse cameras to help you parallel park safely and accurately.

Step 7: Straighten Out  – When almost straight with the road, straighten your wheels.  Pull forward to the middle of the space.

Now watch how to parallel park in action from driving school Young Drivers.
How to Parallel Park – Driving Test Ready