7 Steps To Parallel Park Safely

7 steps to parallel park safely

Have you ever been driving downtown looking for that elusive parking spot then cringe realizing you would have to parallel park?  You are not alone.  When there is a line of cars behind you, any driver would want to make sure that they parallel park right the first time. Drop the “paranoid park”.

Read on with Young Drivers of Canada’s 7 steps to Parallel Park safely – every time.

  1. Signal Ahead  – Signal your intention as you approach your space instead of signaling when you stop.  This will help alert motorists of your upcoming actions.
  2. Choose a Smart Space  The space available  should be at least 1 ½ times the size of your vehicle.
  3. Creep the Car – There is no hurry to park and your skill and technique will be what is needed to parallel park well – not speed.
  4. Turning the Wheel – Start turning the steering wheel when you can see the rear of the car you are parking behind.
  5. 45° Please  – Call on geometry and know what a 45° angle looks like.  Start turning the steering wheel to the left as you creep slowly into the space.
  6. Observation Keys –  Line up your vehicle with the vehicle behind.  It is very important to look into your space in addition to using your mirrors.  Reverse cameras are not as accurate in determining how close you get to the car behind you or to see a pedestrian. Do not just depend on reverse cameras to help you parallel park safely and accurately.
  7. Straighten Out  – When almost straight with the road, straighten your wheels.  Pull forward to the middle of the space.

Want to see the perfect parallel park in action? Watch our How To Parallel Park Video Post

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  1. Hell yeah, parallel parking is a big time issue for me :/
    My poor car has suffered a lot because of it and this is certainly very embarrassing. Well thanks for sharing tips, I will get back to you once I will try them. Glad reading, I am sure they will be of great help!

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