The Biggest Driving Problem in Spring Is….

In the winter wPothole imagee expect a skid, expect poor visibility due to snow and fogged up windows but what could be the driver’s worst nightmare in the spring?

The dreaded potholes on our roads.  Canadian winters cause our streets to crack, break up or possibly grow potholes or even sinkholes. Here are easy solutions for drivers to help make their drive a lot smoother this season and less problematic:

1. How to spot a pothole

The major bumps or potholes show up usually as a darker patch on the road ahead and while the dark spots are often easy to spot the depth of the pothole is not.  It’s important to not let a tire drop into one of these menaces as this can lead to damage. Being conscious of your visual scanning habits will help. Continue to check your mirrors, do the left-centre-right checks at every intersection and do a scan of the road ahead to spot them early enough.

2. How to avoid a pothole

In order to safely avoid a pothole we need open space beside us so with multi-lane streets it’s important to use a modern collision-free habit known as “Stagger.” This means never driving beside another vehicle by constantly adjusting your speed to drive beside open space better known as an escape route.

3. Keep space

When you have space beside you there is nothing to worry about when you get close the edge of your lane avoiding a pothole or big bump. Even when you have only one lane in each direction, the trick is to adjust your position in the lane fairly early which is only possible if you are scanning the roadway ahead and when you have no one driving beside you.

4. Avoid tire damage

If you fail to notice a pothole, do not brake just as you get to the hole. Let the tire bump over the far side of the hole so there is less likely to be damage to the tire or the suspension.  Be proactive by thinking ahead, scanning ahead and adjusting your position in the lane early so the road ahead is smooth and safe.

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