Quick Start Driver Education With Young Drivers of Canada

Young Drivers of Canada Offers A Quick Start Drivers Education Program

With winter finally over in most parts of Canada, Young Drivers of Canada is celebrating by offering a Quick Start Driver Education Program that will get you on your way to driving. With no more snow to contend with, and only warm weather and sunshine coming our way, what a great time to start learning how to drive… after all what is summer without a road trip!

What is the Quick Start Driver Education Course all about?  Let’s explain. The new program is structured so that students can pay now and start their driver’s education today. That means no more waiting for the next enrollment date for available classes in your area. How great is this!

Quick Start Driver Education Program

The Quick Start Driver Education Program will allow students to begin their online E-Learning portion of their drivers education program immediately and most importantly, book their first few in-car lessons in advance. What additional benefits are there with the Quick Start program? New drivers are able to take advantage of the existing reduced G1 probation period and also save on insurance. The E-Learning portion of the Young Drivers of Canada driver education program allows students to work at their own pace, while meeting the program requirements.

Young Drivers of Canada is always looking at innovation in terms of how they can deliver their driver education programs to their students. The benefits of the Quick Start program allow students to begin their driver’s education at their convenience and work at their own pace. The only requirement is that the full drivers education course be completed within a year time frame.

Driving is a right of passage for young people. In today’s world where there is so much going on in a young person’s life, driver education doesn’t always fit into the schedule. With the Quick Start program, students can fit driver education classes into their schedule and not the other way around. Deciding on learning how to drive is a big decision and Young Drivers of Canada wants to make that decision easier.

Young Drivers of Canada continues to develop their programs to make driver education accessible to everyone. Young Drivers of Canada saves money and lives through its exclusive CollisionFree! driving program and insurance savings. Registering for driver education just got easier with the Quick Start program. Enroll Today!

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