Best Driving Instructor

… would you recommend Young Drivers to your friends?Of course! Over anything!

Recap of the video:

00:08 – And Karen you have kind of a smile on your face! What happened?

00:13 – Perfect! So tell me your experience with Young Drivers and how things went for you?

00:19 – Things went really well! I found that with Young Drivers helping me finding confidence in myself and in my driving

00:29 – It really got me comfortable with the road and I feel that now that I have my G2 I can actually go and drive properly and I know how to drive.

00:41 – I think it’s a great thing because now I have the knowledge that I need to be able to drive.

00:49 – Okay and who was your driving instructor?

00:52 – My driving instructor was Mario! He’s the best (2 thumbs up)!

00:56 – Alright would you recommend Young Drivers to your friends?

00:57 – Of course! Over anything!

00:59 – Perfect! Take Care!

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