Road Safety Bill 31 Goes To Committee

Ontario Road Safety Bill 31 Next Step

The Ontario government’s Road Safety Bill 31 proposing to raise distracted driving fines to a maximum of $1,000 has been referred to committee. Bill 31, the Transportation Statute Law Amendment Act, also referred to as Making Ontario’s Roads Safer was referred to the the Ontario legislature’s Standing Committee on General Government this week, taking it to the next level of approval.

The Bill, which includes stiffer penalties for distracted driving and measures to deal with drugged drivers also includes initiatives to improve road safety and the Mandatory Vehicle Branding Program to prevent vehicle fraud and protect consumers who purchase used vehicles continued its path to approval.

Ontario Ministers Support Road Safety Bill

Ministers from all political parties have championed Bill 31 specifically when it comes to distracted driving. As residents and drivers, distracted driving occurs throughout Ontario and Canada. The bill is designed to improve safety on the roads.

Additional considerations under Bill 31 include;

1. Drivers  will be required to slow down and move into another lane when approaching a stopped tow truck with flashing amber lights.

2. Valid permits will not be issued to drivers with unpaid fines.

3. Impoundment of a vehicle if a driver contravenes an ignition interlock condition on their licence under a conduct review.

4. Under Bill 31, drivers would be required to give cyclists at least one metre of room when passing them.

Young Drivers of Canada suggests that the initiatives in Bill 31 regarding road safety are a step in the right direction when it comes to keeping drivers and those who share the roadways safe. Reducing the loss of life on today’s roads due to distracted driving and senseless crashes is an initiative that Canada’s national driving educator continues to teach in its classrooms today!

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