Find out how roundabouts can you save you precious time and money

Roundabouts Save You Time and Money

Roundabouts are popping up in more communities across Canada.  This circular intersection may seem confusing at first but once you get the hang of driving them, they really will make your drive smoother.

Benefits of Roundabouts

Want to help maximize safety and minimize traffic delays?  Roundabouts will help on both counts.  They keep traffic moving and reduce unnecessary stops.  This desirable traffic flow saves time and we all know time is very precious.  By reducing idling that would happen at a red lights, drivers save on gas and will save money in the long run.

How to Handle A Roundabout

1. WHEN APPROACHING slow down.  Look for signs to direct you to the proper exit for your destination.

2. BEFORE ENTERING always look for pedestrians first and then space in traffic. Wait until traffic is clear and it is safe to enter.  All roundabouts direct traffic in a counter clockwise direction.

3.  WHEN ENTERING yield to all traffic in the roundabout.  Look to see if the path is clear.  If it is proceed; if not, STOP safely and wait for a gap in traffic before entering.  Do not enter beside a vehicle already in the roundabout.

4. WHEN EXITING use your right turn signal to indicate you are exiting.

Driving school Young Drivers in Hamilton shows their community how to drive the roundabouts in their community with ease.

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