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You say Young Drivers – You don’t have to explain anymore

“… and the [Examiner] asks you where did you learn. You say Young Drivers – You don’t have to explain anymore” … see more at https://www.yd.com

Video recap:

00:08 – Hey!

00:09 – What’s up?

00:10 – Nothing much Mario.  How about you?

00:12 – You look like you have a really good smile on your face buddy. What happened?

00:16 – I’ve had a good day so far.

00:20 – Tell us what happened?]

00:22 – I passed my G2 test. It went very well.

00:25 – It felt like ten seconds I was driving.

00:30 – It just went so quickly.

00:33 – I got a good score. What did you get?

00:36 – I think a 90! Yah, 90. 90 on it.

00:40 – So I’m happy with that!

00:44 – You know why? Because you’re the man!

00:48 – So tell us about your journey to get your G2. How did it go?

00:52 – It was a long journey!

01:02 – I remember calling Mario in order to get an instructor for the in-class sessions.

01:06 – I was hanging out with some friends I made. We’re all a group and we all called at the same time. And I just picked Mario.

01:15 – By the sound of his voice I thought he was a Chinese guy.

01:22 – So the first lesson came, went to a church parking lot, made a couple of turns, very picky on the turns though.

01:34 – And from there we had lessons going on and on. I had to cancel so much lessons and reschedule them because of basketball practices.

01:45 – It was great. Now we’re here and successful. Couldn’t ask for anything better!

01:53 – Alright! Would you recommend Young Drivers to your friends?

01:57 – Yeah totally! First of all because they teach you so much stuff, with the best quality ever.

02:03 – Ninety speaks for itself!

02:08 – Secondly, you hop into a car and the [Examiner] asks you where did you learn. You say Young Drivers – You don’t have to explain anymore.

02:19 – They have a higher reputation already.

02:23 – Then you start driving and they know you’re going to pass.

02:28 – What about the in-car? Did you enjoy the in-car?

02:32 – The in-car lessons were the best.

02:35 – Sometimes it could a little stressful 🙂 You’ve got this guy on the side, talking and talking …

02:50 – Well that’s terrific. Congratulations Keith and enjoy the freedom that you have!

02:57 – Take care buddy!

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