Parents Guide to Navigating a Safe School Year

It’s the start of a new school year!  The lives of moms and dads across Canada will become busier again with school schedules, making lunches (sigh….my school time nemesis), drop offs and pick ups and so much more.

We all want our kids to get the best education possible. A good start to this year of learning would be a family safety conversation to help new and returning students review the rules of the road.

The TALK —-> Is your child going to be walking, biking or driving?  Chat at home about basic pedestrian safety tips like fully stopping at the curb, looking left, centre, right and scanning the intersection again.  Remind your student to avoid crossing between parked cars or the middle of  the street.  No matter if they are walking, biking or driving to school, encourage your son or daughter to put the cell phone away.  The focus needs to be on the road and on busy intersections.

The PLAN —> Plan out your child’s route to school.  For younger students, walking that route with them before school starts could help set them at ease.

The DRIVE —> As drivers, plan ahead and give yourself enough time for you and your family to get to school.  Reduce your speed in school zones and share the road safely.  Change lanes early when you see cycling students ahead so you can provide them with ample space on the road.

The BUSES —> Brace yourself for the sea of yellow school buses!  Be prepared, be patient and brush up on how you as a driver need to stop for a school bus with this video —->

Read on for more back to school safety tips with my post on My Top 5 Back to School Safety Tips and feel free to leave your family’s tips in the comment section below.

Best of luck to everyone this school year and stay safe!

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