Sharing the Road this summer

With the beautiful weather upon us, our roads are now getting busier with more pedestrians, motorists and cyclists. It is important for all road users to understand what the rules of the road are, abide by them and respond accordingly.

Biking is an increasingly popular summer activity and Bike to Work weeks are popping up across the country.   I was speaking with Young Drivers of Canada BC Regional Director Kelly Calar who offered up this great advice, “Being part of a community means sharing the road safely.  Be proactive instead of reactive. For example, Young Drivers of Canada teaches drivers to be aware of their environment at all times. Look ahead to solve problems and if you are coming up on a cyclist, accommodate and give them space.  This means if you are driving on a two lane road, change lanes early so people behind you know there is a cyclist in the lane and don’t speed up.”

As traffic increases, so does the need for sharing the road safely. If we increase the respect and courtesy between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians than we can help to reduce conflicts and collisions between these road users.

“Education is very important so that everyone understands the traffic rules. When a cyclist is mounted, they are required to follow the same laws and rules as a motorist and they have a right to use our public roadways. Observing the laws extends to pedestrians as well.  Pedestrians need to know what vehicles are doing and why before proceeding safely to cross the road.”

Lets keep our communities safe, active and get out there and enjoy this great summer weather!

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