Long Weekend Driving Tips for May 24 2018

Driver on rural road enjoying the May 24 long weekend using long weekend driving tips

It’s The First Long Weekend of the Summer Season Though it’s technically still spring for another month, the May 24 long weekend is the official start of the summer season. Even though the weather may not always cooperate, it’s a chance for Canadians to get rid of the winter blues. Motorists will be packing their […]

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Ottawa Motorists Won’t Change Their Distracted Driving Behaviours

Ottawa Police Issue $1 Million in Distracted Driving Fines Ottawa law enforcement has issued more than $1 million dollars in fines to motorists for distracted driving in this year alone and it not the end of the year. Despite the enormous amount of fines issued, motorists are not deterred and continue to engage in distracted […]

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The True Cost Of Distracted Driving

How Much Does Distracted Driving Cost? Everyday the news is filled with stories about distracted driving. If it is not a story involving someone caught by law enforcement doing some outrageous distracted driving activity behind the wheel, it’s a story about the consequences of distracted driving, usually referencing a fatality. So Why Does Distracted Driving […]

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State Farm’s Canadian Driving Survey is Revealing

Road Rage Young Drivers of Canada

Driving Survey Reveals Canadian Opinion On Fellow Drivers In it’s recent survey on Canadian driving habits, State Farm revealed that one in three Canadian drivers have engaged in road rage type behaviours. The survey revealed that drivers will get angry at other drivers if they are tailgated, cut off or exposed to another driver’s distractions […]

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