Clocks Back, safety forward

digital clock on nightstand

At 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 3, daylight savings will come to an end for 2019, signalling the start of a new season. Turning the clock back is often hailed for the additional hour of glorious shuteye it offers. With sleep deprivation being a common condition in our society, it’s easy to understand why. What’s […]

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5 Defensive Driving Tips

At Young Drivers, we believe the best way to drive from Point A to Point B is by using defensive driving tactics. These habits help drivers be aware of their surroundings, anticipate potential conflicts and respond accordingly. It’s the difference between being a reactive driver and a proactive one. (If you’d like more information on […]

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Driving high: How marijuana impairs driving

National Safe Driving Week (December 1-7) is here, and Young Drivers of Canada will be joining the Canadian Safety council to promote safe driving habits. As Canadians prepare for the legalization of marijuana – and a possible increase in cannabis use among Canadians – it’s important to understand the dangers of driving while under the […]

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