Technology, The Solution To Parallel Parking

Parallel Parking Solved By Technology?

Parking, especially parallel parking, for many drivers may be considered to be one of the most difficult things about driving unless of course, you are a graduate of a Young Drivers of Canada drivers education program. Even those who live in the suburbs where space can be abundant, drivers are constantly looking for spots in over-crowded shopping center lots, fighting each other for one of a few open spaces.

Car manufacturers have been developing parking-assist technology for many years that can help drivers get into small and difficult to access spots. Vehicles are equipped with cameras and sensors that can turn the steering wheel, move and brake the vehicle into a spot. Engineers at Ford have developed technology that will allow a vehicle to park itself, beneficial in circumstances where it is hard to open a car door due to tightness in spacing.  Car manufacturers Volvo and Audi are following suit.

Autonomous Vehicle May Solve Parallel Parking Dilemma

Honda is taking the technology further, developing their driver-less valet-parking system. Wireless communication between a wi-fi enabled car and a series of cameras are used in the technology development. When a driver is ready to leave the parking lot, a smartphone is used to summon the car which drives itself to a pickup area. Imagine all that time wasted searching for your car in parking lot complex. You will soon be able to retrieve your vehicle by the touch of a button. Such a system could also help drivers who experience some physical limitations.

Technology needs to be fine tuned when it comes to self-driving cars. Reliability and driver trust are key aspects that need to be determined when it comes to such technologically advanced vehicles. More importantly, laws will need to address the liability associated with self-parking cars.

Unfortunately, every parking garage is different and although it seems like an easy advance in technology, automated parking is not simple, but rather quite complicated. Until the technology is ironed out and driver’s learn to trust the technology, Young Drivers of Canada can teach driver’s ed students the secrets of parallel parking and parking in difficult spaces. It may be the old-fashioned way but learning driving skills for life enables skilled drivers to choose whether they want to incorporate technology into their driving habits or not. Once parallel parking is mastered, you won’t need the technology, but it sure would be nice to avoid getting caught in the rain while you look for your car in a parking lot. It would be nice to have the car come to you!

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