Teen Drivers take Control with Top Driving Lessons

Ready for the Road Test Ahead

At Young Drivers of Canada, we have had thousands of teenage drivers go through our driving school. We have seen first hand lots of responsible teenagers who are ready for the serious task of driving.  With lots of practice and the right attitude, new young drivers can pass the road test and have the life skill of driving at their fingertips. Teenage drivers have a responsibility to not only themselves to drive defensively but also to other drivers on the road and to their passengers.

Top 5 Driving Lessons for Teenagers

Driving Lessons for Teens

1. Be The Boss This is your moment to shine and own it.  If you are the driver, you set the rules. You’ve worked hard to pass your road test and get your drivers license. Lay out what you expect in your vehicle. Make sure everyone wears his or her seatbelt properly for starters and if your friends want a ride, they will respect your wishes.

2.  Respect Your Vehicle
Whether you drive your parents’ car or are lucky enough to own your own vehicle, respect what you’ve got. Especially with your parents car, return it in the same condition as when you borrowed it. They will be more likely to lend out their vehicle to you again if they know you can be trusted and can prove to them that you are a safe driver.

3. Make Sure You Can Hear The Road, Not Just The Radio
If you are going to listen to music, make sure that the volume is at a reasonable level.  You want to still be able to hear an emergency siren or the horn of another vehicle. Best thing to do is load or program your music before you head out so you are not distracted while you’re driving.

4. Don’t Drink and Drive / Drive Impaired
How many times have you heard this before?  It sounds tired but it’s so true.  Unfortunately we all know someone or a friend of a friend who has been effected by drinking and driving.  Bottom line is never drive if you are under the influence of any alcohol/drugs or if you are very tired. Call home for a ride, take a taxi, or spend the night at a friend’s.

5. Stop Speeding and Street Racing 
The only place for racing cars is on a track. If you feel the need for speed, become a racecar driver. Seriously.  We all heard about the Fast and the Furious actor Paul Walker’s death.  Totally unfortunate crash where speed was allegedly a factor. If a driver in another vehicle tries to entice you to race, just ignore them. You control your actions. Steer safely away and drive another day.

What Teens Are Saying About Driving

We listen to teenagers not only talk about their driving skills but also express the pressures that can come with driving.  With friends in the car, is there an expectation to drive a certain way?  Some teens think so.  Are driving lessons important to help teens get to school and work?  For many driving is essential to help them take that next step in life.  Is distracted driving a real issue with new drivers?  Young Drivers students like Simon have their say on Texting and Driving and create videos to get their friends and family to really think about these important road safety topics.


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