Can Your Teens Text and Drive?

Teen Distracted Driving Event Focus Is On Text and Drive

Parents can do everything right. Law enforcement can do everything right. Driver educators can do everything right. So why is it that despite all this education, if you ask a teen if they text and drive, the answer most likely is yes rather than no.

On this premise, in conjunction with the Pickering Town Centre, to support their #livetosee20 campaign, Young Drivers of Canada took several teens out on a controlled course. The goal was to determine if  teens can actually text, talk and drive at the same time.

Event Shows Teens Can’t Text And Drive!

While operating a vehicle, teen participants received texts and were asked questions by Angelo DiCicco from Young Drivers of Canada. The participants were required to respond and maintain vehicle control. The results were not surprising as evidenced by the amount of spelling mistakes in texts and more importantly, the amount of pylons that were knocked down when drivers were distracted. The challenged showed drivers that they cannot multitask while behind the wheel.

The goal of the event and the campaign #livetosee20 by Pickering Town Centre is to raise awareness amongst teens to put the phone down when they are driving. To see how the teen participants did, click here. Remember, don’t text and drive!

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