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Texting Is Not the Distracted Driving Problem!

Looking at what’s really going on, texting and driving is not the problem. Rather it’s a complete approach to doing what people do on a daily basis. It’s the driving habits they fall into, the habits they develop and the habits they follow. For instance, as summarized by Angelo DiCicco, Director of Young Drivers of Canada, in a recent article in the Globe & Mail – Distracted driving: ‘Multi-tasking is a Myth’:

Nothing less than “a complete overhaul of the culture of driving is necessary because technology is now so complex,” says Angelo DiCicco, GTA director of Young Drivers of Canada and an instructor for 28 years. “I increasingly view my role as being the interface between technology and the driver: to ensure that technology is a help not a hindrance.”

What’s being said is that it’s the totality of the in-car experience that is contributing to the problem of distracted driving. This problem is then being even further compounded by ever changing advances in personal technologies

Unsafe at Any Speed: Driving Distractions

According to the latest NHTSA report on distracted driving, distracted driving is a behaviour that’s dangerous to drivers, passengers, and non-occupants alike, and is a specific
type of inattention that occurs when drivers divert their attention from the driving task to focus on some other activity. Their report of known variables attributed to distracted driving crashes show multiple potential causes of driving distraction-affected crashes – note that each driver could potentially have multiple distraction behaviours and therefore these attributes are not necessarily mutually exclusive:

Causes of Distracted Driving from Young Drivers of Canada

*Source: U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway traffic Safety Administration, DOT HS 811 7373, Summary of Statistical Findings, April 2013

Young Drivers of Canada’s CollisionFREE!® Solution

Exclusive to Young Drivers of Canada is the CollisionFREE!® approach to driving programs. This approach teaches exclusive habits and sub-habits to provide YD students with the skills they need to stay collision-free in today’s distracted driving world. With over two million dollars invested in developing its CollisionFREE!® programs, they are updated every year including to deal with driver distraction and increased traffic congestion, being just a few of the changes in the last few years. YD students are taught the skills they need to meet the challenges of driving on today’s roads inclusive of cognitive training that can improve short-term memory, limit divided attention, enhance reaction times and speed of judgement. Improved cognitive skills also make passing a driver’s test more likely and give YD students a much better chance of avoiding collisions. This is all part of the Young Drivers of Canada CollisionFREE!® program.

Young Drivers of Canada in-class and in-car instructors are re-certified on an annual basis to ensure their knowledge is current and skills are at their highest levels. As well, the quality of the Young Drivers of Canada CollisionFREE!® approach is unmatched by any driving school as Young Drivers of Canada is the ONLY ISO9001 registered driving program in Canada.

Two Evils: Do Unto Me, Do Unto You!

Evil lurks not only in a driver learning bad habits behind the wheel, but in dealing with all those drivers that similarly follow bad habits. The CollisionFREE!® approach therefore deals with not only training students to limit and avoid distractions, but also what to do about those other drivers without this training. For instance, Emergency Maneuvers that are exclusive to Young Drivers of Canada teach the following life saving techniques:

  • Rear Crash Avoidance
  • Emergency Braking
  • Emergency Swerving Techniques
  • Head-on Collision Avoidance

Young Drivers of Canada original defensive driving skills remain just important in this age of distracted driving, to protect drivers against those other untrained drivers on today’s roads!

Young Drivers of Canada or Don’t Drive!

There is a solution to the Distracted Driving Problem: Young Drivers of Canada Saves Money and Lives through its Exclusive CollsionFree® Driving Program. Every YD student must pass two in-class tests and two in-car evaluations before they are ready to drive on their own. In addition, YD students are evaluated on their defensive driving skills in the car, and with the YD simulated road test Young Drivers of Canada helps students get ready for the real thing, thereby increasing their chances of passing their road test the first time, correctly and defensively. When choosing a quality driving school, it should be Young Drivers of Canada or Don’t Drive!

For more information contact: Tee Marek, 519.221-9720

4 thoughts on “Texting Is Not the Distracted Driving Problem!

  1. You’ve got to be kidding! Texting must be a high contributor to distracted driving … at least according to the media, and maybe my own experiences. While I agree that there are other contributors, texting must be the highest contribution or at least one of the highest. Please check your numbers.

  2. This guy from Young Drivers of Canada states that texting is not the distracting driving problem. Where has he been all this time. Angelo DiCicco really, tell that to the people who have caused the accidents!

    • What he is saying is that there are MANY distractions, not just texting. I have watched people eating a salad – holding the boiwl into e hand, the fork in the other – putting on makeup or brushing their teeth, and reading books WHILE DRIVING.

      As well, peoples bad habits while driving can be a problem, too. When people develop good habits they will be less distracted. Driving requires your full attention.

    • Texting is but one of the problems we face. Its the culture of driving, the complacency of driving. We take things for granted because we don’t crash that often so whats the big deal?

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