The Last of the Summer Drivers

Summer Drivers Approach The Last Long Weekend

As the summer draws slowly to a close, many drivers will be hitting the road for that last family vacation, camping trip or visiting family and friends. Before you take to the highways, it is important to remember to stay safe on the road.

Police and community groups will be highlighting the dangers of distracted driving, speeding and driving under the influence. Despite the attention and warnings, there will be collisions and fatalities on the roads in the next few weeks.

Summer driving means anxious drivers for a variety of reasons. Drivers are not paying attention to the roads but focussed on getting to the destination. Lack of attention behind the wheel can lead to day dreaming and not focussing on the road. This lack of attention could lead to drivers not noticing the flow of traffic including sudden lane changes and stops by other drivers. For many drivers the destination including summer cottages, family barbecues are much more appealing than paying attention to the road. Regardless of the destination, drivers need to take additional time to get to where they are going.

Drivers need to plan their summer journey ahead of time. With traffic and construction on the roads, getting there will require more time. Why create unnecessary stress that could lead to driving aggressively and unsafely. It’s not worth not getting there because of a hasty decision.

Characteristics of the Summer Driver

We have all seen drivers who pass when it is unsafe, drive at high speeds or tailgate. Add to these bad driving habits, a cellphone, a crying baby or other distractions and you have a recipe for a collision. Although these drivers are not limited to the summer season, the warm weather and added road traffic seems to bring out the worst in many drivers. All drivers need to exercise patience as the roads fill with traffic. As Young Drivers of Canada reminds drivers that driving is an experience and a privilege. Enjoy the experience and don’t take the privilege for granted! Take a deep breath. You’ll get there.

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