Top 10 Summer Road Trip Tips

As soon as I sense warmer weather, I am ready behind the wheel to get driving somewhere great.   After our long Canadian winter, some weekend road trips or day trip adventures are in order! So bring on the hot and sticky summer I say!

Along with packing all that is needed for a summer road trip,  make summer road safety is part of your checklist too.

To help you on your way to enjoying a safe and happy summer, here are my top 10 summer road trip tips:

  1. Plan Your Route –  Plan your trips to travel in a logical order.  Anticipate how long your route will take and leave plenty of time to avoid stress and rushing to your destination.
  2. Make sure your vehicle is properly tuned – Have your vehicle checked before your trip.  Keep your air and fuel filters clean.  Your owner’s manual will advise you on how often they should be changed.
  3. Check Your Tire Pressure – For best fuel economy and handling, maintain tire pressure close to the maximum indicated on the door pillar or glove box. It will provide better handling and improves your fuel economy. Check tire pressure at least once a month.
  4. Buckle Up – Seat belts worn correctly can reduce the chances of death in a collision by 47% and the chances of serious injury by 52%.1
  5. Pull in and through parking spots –  Starting up forward uses less fuel than backing out and then starting up. You also have better visibility reducing risk.
  6. Pack Your Trunk With Necessities – Items like a bottle of sunscreen, insect repellent containing Deet, and a couple of factory-sealed bottles of water are good essentials to have on hand. Any unnecessary items in the trunk should be removed as they just add weight that wastes fuel.
  7. Keep Children Happy and Occupied – Ensure children are properly buckled in.  Make certain that they have something to keep them occupied and to prevent them from distracting the driver.  It is also a good idea to pull into rest areas every two hours to have the children release energy.
  8. Drop the Distractions – Avoid any type of distraction or impairment, which will only make the already complex task of driving more difficult.
  9. Turn off engine – Idling your engine more than 10 seconds wastes fuel. Turn off the engine, unless you are at risk of collision, such as traffic approaching from behind.
  10. Light Up at Night – Whenever possible, use your high beams at night. Your low beams do not show you enough of the road to stop by the time you recognize the danger.

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