Traffic Tangles In St. John’s, Newfoundland

The St. John’s Morning Show Identifies Traffic Tangles

When Cecil Haire from the St. John’s Morning Show, Newfoundland reached out to listeners to help him determine some of the worst traffic tangle areas in the region, he received an overwhelming response. Listeners identified  he got an interesting list of locations from his listeners. Using the hashtag #traffictangles viewers were asked to weigh in on Twitter and provide the radio host with their traffic tangle locations. From intersections to merging roadways, drivers responded to the radio call. With the help of Terry Dunne from Young Drivers of Canada, a list of locations was compiled, and the two set out to determine why each traffic tangle location was an issue for drivers.

Traffic Tangles Exist For Many Reasons

From confusing road merges to heavy congestion areas, to limited access, Cecil Haire and Terry Dunne break down the locations and provide listeners and viewers with reasons for the traffic tangles. In one location, a traffic tangle was attributed to the use of a pedestrian light, creating a significant backup. To hear the complete interview and video of the locations identified, click here.

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