Winter Driving Lessons

Winter Driving Lessons Can Conquer Canada

Winter Driving Lessons Tackle Canadian Elements

Canadians experience winter driving differently depending on where they live. With many Canadians not taking winter driving lessons, driving in the winter can be an unpleasant experience. Depending on what region of Canada you live in, winter can be relatively mild or snow and ice treacherous. One thing is common amongst Canadians, their drivers ed is tested during the winter season. For many Canadians, winter driving results in a communal groan, apprehension and anxiety.

Most Canadians think that the best place to drive in Canada is in the west coast. After all, the conditions remain relatively the same throughout the year…. rainy. But rain brings slippery conditions. Together with poor visibility at night, fog and potential road freezing, conditions can change for the worse, quickly. An abundance of rain in a short period of time can also lead to hydroplaning. In such driving conditions, topped up fluids are important as are the condition of your tires and wipers.

Snow And Ice Can Challenge Seasoned Driving Instructors

The prairies are challenging when it comes to winter driving. Winter is dry, cold and long, with the season lasting up to eight months. The most important thing to remember in the prairies during the winter is to maintain your vehicle. Your engine needs to keep running no matter how low the mercury gets.

Ontario is the province of variability when it comes to winter driving. One minute it can be raining, and the next we are calling in the army to deal with the snow. Ontario’s weather in the winter changes continuously.. that’s what makes driving in this province so much fun. Getting to your destination in Ontario requires patience and a good set of winter tires. A refresh driving course in winter driving could also be an asset when it comes to maneuvering the ever changing road conditions.

Quebec is the land of heavy snow. For this province, winter driving depends on snow and Quebecers don’t let it stop them from going places. With cold temperatures throughout the season, most of the snow does not melt, so Quebecers only have to contend with mounting snow banks. Keeping safe on the roads in Quebec means staying alert and paying attention to the road which is framed by snowbanks for most of the winter season.

If you thought Ontario’s weather variability was enough to contend with, think of Canada’s East Coast. With its heavy rains, powerful snow you need to live in the east coast to understand it. Weather changes can be sudden and as a driver you need to learn to navigate the varying road conditions. The east coast is truly a winter driver’s cornucopia of weather and drivers need to prepare themselves for all the surprises winter will deliver in this region of Canada.

If you are planning a trip across Canada during the winter season, Young Drivers of Canada provides courses that deal primarily with winter driving. If you are thinking of making the trek, consider some winter driving lessons today!

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