Winter Tires for a Safer Winter

Some areas of Canada have lucked out this year with a mild start to winter.  But did you know that winter tires are recommended and improve surface grip on the road at temperatures below 7°C?

Winter tires on all four wheels will provide better traction and control in a winter emergency when those extra few metres of stopping distance are needed.  In Quebec, winter tires became mandatory two years ago.  According to the Rubber Association of Canada, a 2011 study that compares Quebec road crash stats before and after winter tires became required in that province, concluded a 5% reduction in road crash injuries and about 575 road-crash injuries prevented due to widespread use of winter tires.

Check out this winter tires video for helpful tips by Young Drivers Director of Training Scott Marshall

Prevention is key and the cost of putting winter tires on your vehicle pays off from a safety perspective and from an economical perspective.  Avoid wear and tear on your vehicle’s conventional summer tires and keep yourself, your family and others on the road safe this winter season.

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