No More Written Test For Over 80 Ontario Drivers

New Regulations for Over 80 Ontario Drivers

Beginning April 21, 2014, any Ontario drivers aged 80 and over will not be required to complete a written knowledge test as part of the their Ontario license renewal process.  The renewal program for such drivers will include a vision test, a driver record review, two screening exercises and an in-class group education session. Currently, drivers 80 and over must pass a written knowledge test every two years to keep their license.

The Ministry of Transportation announced that it will drop the written exam and replace it with two screening tests. The screening exercises will be  non-computerized tasks that will be designed to help identify drivers who may require further assessment, such as a medical review or a road test.

Ontario’s Transportation Minister, Glen Murray stated that the program has been re-designed to keep seniors driving safely for as long as they can.

“These changes will help seniors stay on the roads safely with a more streamlined renewal process, while also better flagging those who shouldn’t be driving,”

No Additional Cost For over 80 Driving License Renewal

The cost of a license renewal for seniors with continue to be $32 with no additional cost for a road test. Under current guidelines, any driver over the age of eighty must renew their license every two years. The new renewal process according to the Ministry, will be more streamlined, help to flag those who should not be on the road and take half the time to complete than the current renewal session.

The new evaluation process was a joint collaboration between the Ministry of Transportation and CANDRIVE, an interdisciplinary group of researchers that help to keep the elderly driving safely. The screening tests, according to the research group, are designed to determine how the brain is actually working rather than how it functions for a short amount of time. Currently, Ontario requires doctors to report patients that may have diminished skills behind the wheel due to medication or medical conditions. Impaired vision, dementia and not being able to complete cognitive skills affect a person’s ability to drive.

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