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What’s The Fuss About Young Drivers of Canada

Today, driving schools are a dime a dozen. Everyone seems to want to teach everyone how to drive. There are however, differences when it comes to driver education programs and the companies that you choose to teach yourself or your loved ones how to drive. As a given, all driving schools should be registered with the Ministry of Transportation or the equivalent in the province you reside in. If they are not, then don’t bother taking the classes.

Young Drivers of canada A Cut Above All

The Young Drivers of Canada driving curriculum program is not the same as any other driving program for a variety of reasons, including;

1. Young Drivers of Canada education experts update the YD Program on an annual basis. Students are taught the skills they need to meet the challenges of driving on today’s roads, including dealing with driver distractions and winter driving.

2. The exclusive CogniFit program offered by Young Drivers of Canada trains drivers to improve their cognitive skills inclusive of memory, reaction time and focus on the road. Improved cognitive skills will help drivers to avoid collisions.

3. A combined In-class and in-vehicle curriculum structure allows for continuity between the theory portion of the program and the in-car portion of the program. Simply, what students learn in the classroom is practiced in the car.

4. Students are taught to stay collision-free. Statistics show that 90% of collisions are caused by driver error. Young Driver’s exclusive Collisionfree! program teaches students to watch out for other driver errors – mistakes that could lead to a collision that could be prevented.

5. Only Young Drivers of Canada teaches emergency maneuvers, head-on collision avoidance, emergency braking, rear crash avoidance and emergency swerving techniques.

Young Drivers of Canada does not consider itself to be the cheapest driving school. Young Drivers continues to emphasize that driving lessons cannot be provided to students on a low cost basis. Learning how to drive is not about price but the skills you learn. Driving is for life. The skills you learn today are they skills you will need to rely on in the future!

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