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  • Available courses include EXPRESS 3 Day, Evenings and Weekend classes.
  • In-car Lessons with Convenient at-Home or Your Location Pickup scheduled at your convenience.
  • Best Driving Instructors with ISO-9001 Driving School Certification.
  • All Ages, High School and Mature Students for new drivers and refreshers, and for those New to Canada as well as Elder Driver Refresher courses.
  • Anti-Distracted Driving - Distracted Driving Prevention techniques are included in our courses.

Chilliwack driving school location, with ICBC approved driving classes that teach you to take your driver test and drive a car safely, is located right in downtown Chilliwack. Preparation for your ICBC road test for your drivers licence includes defensive driving and emergency maneuvers, so that you can learn how to drive safely and correctly the first time, as well as pass your driver test. You will also learn how to park a car for your driving knowledge test which is an integral part of Young Drivers driving courses. By taking the ICBC approved driving course you are eligible to receive six months off your N stage, and can also receive two high school credits, if you are a safe driver with no at-fault crashes, driving violations or prohibitions. The approved driver training course has to be completed within one year from start to finish during the learner stage of GLP.

YD Drivers lessons are designed to teach our driving school students important driving habits, by using the best trained driving instructors in Canada that teach the exclusive Young Drivers of Canada approach to defensive driving and emergency maneuvers. Based on YD’s exclusive CollisionFREE and Cognifit programs, Young Drivers approach to driving classes not only helps you learn how to drive safely and to pass your driver test to obtain your driving licence, but also teaches you to drive with defencive driving skills. Learning to drive with Young Drivers Chilliwack driving training, using the exclusive CollisonFREE! approach, will have you ready to drive on B.C. streets and highways with confidence, including how to deal with congestion and traffic.


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Young Drivers of Canada - Chilliwack Driving Lessons Location

Located on the second floor at Unit 48, 9240 Young Road, the Chilliwack Young Drivers of Canada classroom is located only a block down from the intersection of Yale Rd. W. and Princess Ave. For lunch and snacks, there are many restaurants in the area.

Young Drivers has the best range of driving classes in Chilliwack

Young Drivers teaches you safe driving techniques in our Chilliwack driving classes, and how to successfully deal with distracted driving. Our driver training programs are designed to reduce the number of road deaths and injuries, as part of YD’s mission and commitment. We have over 40 years of experience offering driver training courses for drivers of all ages and skill levels, all available in our many driving schools locations. Whether you need to get your driving license, pass the driving license test, learn parallel parking or take driving lessons, Young Drivers of Canada is able to help! ONLY Young Drivers has the Collisionfree!™ Approach to driver instruction with exclusive YD defensive driving emergency maneuvers, including Rear Crash Avoidance, Emergency Braking, Emergency Swerving Techniques and Head-on Collision Avoidance, all to keep Young Drivers graduates safe on the road.


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Chilliwack Driving Lessons Location

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