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New Brunswick

How To Get Your Class 7 Graduated Licensing Level 1 Permit

Obtain a copy of the New Brunswick Government's Driver's Handbook from a Registry of Motor Vehicles Office near you. Click here to view it online.
Study the guide thoroughly to prepare for your knowledge (written) test.
You will be asked questions based on the contents of the Driver's handbook, including traffic laws. the rules of the road, recognition and understanding of lights and signs, safety rules, etc You must obtain 80% to pass.

You must also pass a vision test and show identification (a baptism certificate, birth certificate, Canadian Forces I.D., passport, or learner's permit from another province).

If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must be present to sign your Level 1 Permit application.

Your Level 1 Permit is good up to four years from its date of issue. You can pass into Level 2 after 12 months or after 8 months if you successfully complete an approved driver training program such as Young Drivers of Canada and sucessfully pass the road test.

Conditions With a Level 1 Permit:
Until you pass your Level 2 road test, you must observe the following restrictions and rules:

A co-driver who holds a Class 5 licence must accompany you at all times. He/she is the only passenger allowed in your vehicle.
You must have 0% blood alcohol content; your co-driver must have a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or below.
You can only drive Class 5 vehicles.
If your Level 1 license is suspended, you will have to start all over again - including driver training.
The Road Test
Your Level 2 road examination will consist of 15 minutes of actual driving, turning, and parking with a government examiner on public streets and roads. You will be tested on:

Driving situations and rules of the road, including starting, stopping, turning, passing vehicles, and land driving
Driving through controlled and uncontrolled intersections
Parallel parking and backing up
Anticipation of hazardous conditions
Other safe driving practices like driving the right speed and steering techniques
After the 24 months are up, you can apply to the Ministry to have your license upgraded to a full Class 5 License.

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