Drivers License Nunavut

Nunavut does not currently have a graduated licensing system however the legislation is currently under review.

To Obtain a Class 7 licence (Learner's)

The applicant must be a minimum of 15 years old.
There is a written test which consists of the rules of the road and traffic signs and costs $30.35 (taxes included).
The applicant must also pass a vision assessment. 
The applicant is then issued a Class 7 licence which costs $68.48 taxes included and is valid for 5 years.
Restrictions for a Class 7 Licence

Must practice for at least 4 weeks with a person holding a valid Class 5 Licence for a minimum of 2 years.
Must be 16 years old to attempt road test.
Must have less than 5 demerit points to attempt road test.  If the applicant has 5 or more demerit points, the practice period is extended another 6 months.
The road test fee $30.30 taxes incl.
Class 5 Licence

When the applicant passes the road test there is an upgrade fee of $15.48 to obtain Class 5 Licence. 
The expiry date remains the same as was on the Class 7 Licence.
To renew the Class 5 Licence there is a $68.48 fee and the licence is valid for 5 years.
For Seniors Aged 60 or Over

The fee for a class 7 licence is $10.30
The road test fee is $30.30. 
The upgrade fee to a Class 5 is $12.48. 
The fee to renew a Class 5 Licence is $38.48