Eyes on the Road System

Anti-Distracted Driving - Eyes on the Road Event, November 2015

Date Update - Revised to November 4, 2015

Unfortunately, we had to change the date for the Anti-Distracted Driving Event - Eyes on the Road for a very good reason. During the week of October 26-30th, 2015, the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) will be testing vehicles and voting for the Canadian 2016 Car of the Year and it was suggested that the date be changed if possible, to allow for journalists to attend the event.

YD Has an Answer to Drivers Continuing to Engage in Distracted Driving Activities!

Young Drivers will be hosting a Media Event, across Canada and at its National Advanced Driving Centre, to demonstrate the “Eyes on the Road System”. This is a solution to the reality of what Canada’s national driving school has known for decades - that drivers’ cognitive attention must be focused and trained in order to deal with the challenges on today’s roads - most notably, Distracted Driving.

Participants will execute a closed driving course at the Young Drivers of Canada Advanced Driving Centre in Markham, Ontario under distracted driving conditions. Assessment will be by way of road course execution, along with instructor input and solutions to be discussed based on the results.

The educational component of the Event will highlight:

  • The costs of distracted driving
  • Most recent statistics regarding distracted driving
  • Distractions drivers face while behind the wheel
  • Dispelling the myth of driver multitasking behind the wheel
An Event summary will be made available to all participants.


There will be some great prizes and opportunities for participant comments and interviews during the event - great content for news clips and articles for media attendees.

How to Get There?

The event will be held at 10868 McCowan Road, in Markham (see Google Map below).

About Young Drivers of Canada

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