Franchise FAQ

What does a Young Drivers franchise cost?

In Canada, the franchise fee for a single classroom in populations of 50,000 or more is $7,500. This includes an exclusive territorial and video license fee. In populations less than 50,000, the franchise fee is $5,000.

All franchise fees include a four-week Young Drivers instructor training program for one person, a ten-day Young Drivers classroom teacher program for one person, and a five-day business management program for up to two people.

Additional classrooms within the exclusive franchise area are priced at $2,500. Classrooms outside the exclusive franchise area are $5,000 for populations of 50,000 or more and $3,000 for populations less than 50,000.

For franchising fees in countries other than Canada, please contact Peter Christianson at

How does the Head Office support its franchisees?

Head office provides all franchisees with the following valuable tools to run a successful business:

  • A one-week business management training course for centre directors
  • Student workbooks, certificates, instructor manuals, videos, and office forms
  • Advertising materials including print, brochures, direct mail, radio, and television
  • Young Drivers' exclusive computer software system (to provide management control of your business) and daily access to our in-house computer systems manager
  • A four-week YD instructor training program
  • A ten-day classroom teacher program

Young Drivers franchise conferences are held biannually for franchisees in all countries.

Head office also participates in professional management seminars to continue to improve our ability to work cooperatively and seamlessly with all franchisees.

For more information, please contact

What does it cost to get a YD Centre up and running?

Start-up costs vary depending on city size, rental and leasing costs, salaries, number of employees, and advertising expenditures.

We estimate that the all-in cost of a start-up, including license, leasehold improvements, lease/rental deposit, equipment, lease vehicles, training, and initial working capital will range from $35,000 to $83,000.

How big of a market do I need to support a Young Drivers franchise?

Currently, Young Drivers franchise operations are operating successfully in markets with populations that range from 8,500 to over one million. The average penetration ratio is 33 students a year per 10,000 population, with the top areas producing over 80 students a year per 10,000 population.