Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Young Drivers of Canada the Best Driving School?

In addition to the guidelines set out by governmental requirements, Young Drivers of Canada is the ONLY driving school that has ISO-9001 registration and its subsequent upgraded designation of ISO-9001:2008. This continued commitment to the ISO registration enforces the company's commitment to its ethical day to day operations. As an ISO registered organization, Young Drivers of Canada is audited on an annual basis to ensure the ISO quality requirements are maintained. The quality commitment does not end there. To provide the best quality standards and education, each Young Drivers of Canada centre is regularly monitored and audited on a yearly basis.

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GLOBAL NEWS Special Report - On the Cutting Edge: Distracted Driving & GOOGLE Glass

Only Young Drivers of Canada is up to date with the latest threats and concerns to safe driving, including dealing with today's technologies as was showcased in the GLOBAL TV NEWS report on Young Drivers Distracted Driving event with Google Glass. In addition as part of Young Drivers Quality Assurance annual audit, student surveys play an important role in the evaluation of YD centres and trends that today's drivers are facing. Each facility must maintain a minimum 90% quality benchmark in order to operate under the Young Drivers of Canada umbrella. For Young Drivers of Canada, ongoing quality in delivery of the best and latest safe driving techniques is not just a promise, it's a state of mind and commitment.

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Are Young Drivers of Canada Collisionfree!™ Driving Programs More Expensive?

As recently stated by Brian J. Patterson, President & CEO of the Ontario Safety League, a quality driving program cannot be delivered effectively at less than $750, Source: AM640 Mike Stafford Show. Young Drivers of Canada full course programs that include the Young Drivers exclusive Collisionfree!™ Driving Program can be more expensive than other driving schools and are an investment in your and/or your child's future, for a number of reasons including the above costs to deliver an effective quality driving program - however, in order that everyone can have access to the best quality driving instruction Young Drivers of Canada offers no-interest financing on its full course programs. We say Young Drivers of Canada or Don't Drive!

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Does Young Drivers of Canada have a Drivers Ed Financing Program?

At Young Drivers of Canada we believe that quality education should be available to everyone and therefore we offer a payment plan of 3 equal installments on certain driving courses. Please speak with a YD representative if there are other arrangements that may be required.

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Will my auto insurance be lower by taking a Young Drivers of Canada full course?

Obtaining your drivers license for the first time is an exciting experience. It is an opportunity for independence for any new driver. If you have never owned a car, getting insurance could be a stressful experience. The most common scenarios that require first time insurance include: A new teenage driver who requires insurance coverage for the first time that is not otherwise covered by their parents insurance; and A first time driver or individual that has not driven in a substantial amount of time and has allowed their insurance coverage to lapse. When first time car insurance is required, insurers will look at driver education in order to get the best rate possible for your policy. An insurer has the ability to reduce the cost of a first time driver’s policy if they have taken a driver’s education course. Depending on the insurer, substantial discounts are available to first time insured drivers to those who have participated in a defensive driver education course, as offered by Young Drivers of Canada.  In order to apply for potential insurance discounts you need to obtain a copy of your Driver's Licence History report from any Service Ontario location in Ontario.  The DLH will provide proof of successful completion of and graduation from a Beginner Driver Education Course and is widely recognized by the insurance industry as proof of course completion.  BDE Graduates with a Driver's Licence History may be eligible for an insurance discount.

By enrolling and completing drivers education courses, your insurance provider will look at you differently than those who chose not to take drivers education. Enrollment in drivers education shows insurers that you want to be an educated and conscientious driver. By completing driver’s education, it has been proven that you want to reduce the likelihood of a collision and in doing so, you lessen the risk that your insurance company is taking by insuring you. [Not available in all Provinces such as BC - please check with your insurance agent.] Nikejordan Release Dates

What is Young Drivers of Canada's Exclusive Collisionfree!™ Platform?

Young Drivers of Canada has a philosophy when it comes to traffic accidents, which is that accidents are predictable and preventable. What this translates to is that the majority of the consequences of an accident can be avoided, including fatalities, injuries and specifically, insurance claims. Young Drivers of Canada implements this strategy in their course curriculum by providing their Collisionfree!™ driving program platform. The full driving course focus is based on seeing the road through a collision avoidance mode. Through this approach, Young Drivers of Canada teaches its students how to see the road, other drivers, and the potential hazards experienced on a day to day basis when driving. Students are put through situations that can be seen as high risk with their instructors and are taught to identify those risks. More importantly, correction and ultimately better driving skills incorporating the Collisionfree!™ principles are learned for application on the roads for a lifetime. The Collisionfree!™ program incorporates a variety of learning platforms including classroom instruction, one-on-one in-car and video instruction. This varied means of teaching ensures that students are taught to see the road through a variety of experiences.

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What is Young Drivers of Canada's CogniFit® Brain Training?

CogniFit® brain training is the ability specifically for drivers to be able to control their brain activity when driving such as to prevent the consequences of distracted driving. The program is incorporated by Young Drivers of Canada into their full course driver training programs to assess a driver's reaction time and propensity of a driver to take risks. To combat distracted driving, the CogniFit® program assesses the reaction time of a drivers and the ability to keep that attention when it is divided as in the case of driving while talking on the phone. CogniFit® is an exclusive online tool that is available to Young Drivers of Canada students. The program is designed to train a brain’s ability to react to driving situations accurately when behind the wheel. The program includes an assessment portion, a training section and a progress assessment. The goal of this exclusive program is to see where drivers are, and how through the course they improve in terms of their cognitive abilities.

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Is Anytime, Anywhere, eLearning part of Young Drivers of Canada's full courses?

Absolutely! Upon signing up for a full course program a student can IMMEDIATELY begin their eLearning! There are many benefits of eLearning over traditional classroom settings. Young Drivers of Canada understands the benefits and in addition to their course curriculum that includes in-class and in-vehicle education, a portion of its driver education program is based on an e-Learning platform. Not everyone learns the same way and Young Drivers of Canada understands this, providing students with the ability to e-Learn. The benefits of this type of course structure are multitude, including that it's self-paced, students can learn at their own pace and avoid the pressures that sometimes come with classrooms that are made up of a variety of learning capabilities. Some students may also require additional time to completely grasp concepts and through e-Learning they can do so at their own time without the pressures associated with a classroom setting. eLearning can be accessed from any location at any time. Time is a precious commodity today and it is not always easy to make the time for important issues. eLearning helps students to allocate their time accordingly and access drivers education at times that would otherwise not be convenient. Through a program that is designed to include interactivity and participation, the e-Learning portion of drivers education allows the student to complete the objective on their own time.

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How qualified are Young Drivers of Canada instructors?

Quality is often a word that is misused when it comes to driver education organizations. This is not the case when it comes to Young Drivers of Canada. As Canada's national driver education organization, our policy when it comes to our driving instructors is simple. We want to provide our students with the best driver education available and in doing so invest in our driver instructors. Each year our driving instructors are re-certified by Young Drivers of Canada. What this means is that our instructors, like our students require a specific number of hours in the classroom and on the road education to ensure that they are providing the highest quality and performance when it comes to teaching its students. Annual driver's abstracts are also pulled on all instructors, with a criminal record search pulled every 3 years.

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