Links for YD Enrolled Students

Are you currently enrolled as a student in a YD Driving School Course?

Here are some of the exclusive resources available to Current YD Students ONLY! As a YD Student you will have exclusive access to the following:

Student access to


  • View your In-class and In-car schedules
  • View your payment history for your records
  • Purchase additional courses or lessons
  • Purchase Gift Certificates
  • Find out where your local YD Office is and how to contact them!

YD Online e-Learning Training


  • Part of your course may be online if you are enrolled in Ontario or British Columbia
  • e-Learning includes many interactive videos, exercises, tools and quizzes to test your driver knowledge
  • Enjoy learning the basics of driving in the comfort of your own home
  • Review and Repeat the training as many times as you would like!
  • Complete the course from any location on any computer

ConiFit Online Training


  • Young Drivers is the only driving school to offer cognitive ability training using CogniFit!
  • Enhance your cognitive abilities related to driving to reduce your risk of crash and improve your driving skills.
  • CogniFit can be accessed online and from anywhere, no downloads necessary!
  • Receive assessments and training sessions to track your progress
  • Easy to use and customized for every user


Young Drivers of Canada Co-Driver program


  • Co-driver is the perfect online training tool for parents or any co-driver helping their teen learn how to drive.
  • Learn more about crashes, why they happen and when and how to best avoid them.
  • Understand what is being taught to your new driver and be able to help them practice
  • Co-driver is free! and complimentary with every YD course
  • The program is online and does not require any downloads

You can download our Co-driver Survival Guide here

All of your log in information for your Exclusive YD Training is sent to you at the start of your course.  Please contact your local YD office if you have lost or need your log in information.

If you still need help or require any technical support for the training programs please send us an email!



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