Young Drivers offers ICBC approved Drivers Ed classes in Kerrisdale

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Young Drivers of Canada - Vancouver, Kerrisdale Driving School Location

The Young Drivers Kerrisdale driving school is located on the second floor just around the corner of West Blvd. There’s a Starbucks across the street and a Mcdonalds down the block where you can get some snacks or have lunch during a break. There’s on street parking in front of the classroom and available in the area. There is no more convenient and better location of driving schools for the Kerrisdale area to prepare for your drivers license test and to learn parallel parking.

Whether you are going for your Class 7 licence or Class 5 licence, with Young Drivers you will learn to drive cooperatively and share the road. With our state-of-the-art classroom experience you will learn the many different tools you have to be able to communicate effectively with other road users for a safe drive home.

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Kerrisdale driver training also has Winter Driving Lessons

In-class and in-car driving instruction for winter driving in the Kerrisdale area is available for safe winter driving and to prepare for safely driving in the winter. One of the most important Kerrisdale driving classes lessons to be learned is winter driving safety.

Working One on One with Instructors

Working one on one with our certified driving instructors, they will teach you how and where to scan for pedestrians, spot potential driving hazards before they happen to you and make sure there will be no surprises on the road.

Make sure you stop!

Drive to the posted speed limit while in residential areas and be ready to come to a complete stop at stop signs. Look out for parked cars ready to move, or pedestrians that can not be seen behind parked cars. Scan each intersection before continuing to drive. Don't "slow and go" just stop, scan, then go!


Young Drivers of Canada Vancouver Kerrisdale Classroom Location - 2152 West 41st Ave, Suite 202

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