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  • Available courses include EXPRESS 3 Day, Evenings and Weekend classes.
  • In-car Lessons with Convenient at-Home or Your Location Pickup scheduled at your convenience.
  • Best Driving Instructors with ISO-9001 Driving School Certification.
  • All Ages, High School and Mature Students for new drivers and refreshers, and for those New to Canada as well as Elder Driver Refresher courses.
  • Anti-Distracted Driving - Distracted Driving Prevention techniques are included in our courses.

Young Drivers West Vancouver drivers ed classes will give you the skills to drive on Vancouver streets, pass your driving test and obtain your driver license. Young Drivers is one of the few West Vancouver driving schools with ICBC approved driving lessons to learn defensive driving techniques and emergency maneuvers. Become confident to drive successfully and deal with distracted driving, as well parallel parking and pass your driver license test. As a key part of learning how to drive you will learn how to deal with traffic and congestion, all as part of Young Drivers commitment to reducing the number of road deaths and injuries.


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Young Drivers of Canada - West Vancouver, North Shore Driving School Location

Our West Vancouver driving school classroom is located in Park Royal South. Enter the Mall by the Bank of Montreal at the eastern end of Park Royal. Come up the escalator to the 2nd floor, bear left, and come down the corridor until you reach our Suite #2008A. We overlook Shoppers Drug Mart and Chapters Indigo on the main store level below. We are located just down the corridor from the Park Royal Management Office and the CEFA Preschool. There is lots of parking in the mall, as well as food outlets for a snack or to have lunch.

Coming by Transit

When getting to our West Vancouver location by Transit, please get off at the corner of Taylor way and Marine. Cross Marine Drive to the south side of the street, and enter the mall from the south entrance via the Bank of Montreal. Our Suite is right next to the Community Room. Transit lines to Park Royal within the North Shore include: 250 Horseshoe Bay, 250A Dundarave To Marine and 25th, 251 Queens, 252 Inglewood, 256 Whitby Estates, 257 Horseshoe Bay, 239 Capilano University, 254 British Properties, 255 Capilano University, 256 Spuraway, 253 Caulfeild, 254 British Properties, & 255 Dundarave Transit lines to Park Royal outside of the North Shore include: (from Vancouver) 250 252 257 251 253 258

Parking and Security are always important to your commute, Travel smart with defensive driving skills on the North Shore.

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West Vancouver Driving School Tips

Riding the ferry to work or taking the family on a road trip?

Traveling in and out of West Vancouver can vary. Whether you commute with public transit, the highway or use the ferry, learn the best and safest way to travel with drivers ed training with ICBC Approved West Vancouver Young Drivers. It is important to know where you are going, and what to do you when you get there.

Secure your car and your family valuables in it.

Learning the best place to park and how to maneuver can be tricky. Learning the right driving habits so that you can protect yourself and your vehicle are important, all as taught by Young Drivers. As a suggestion, avoid unwanted guests by removing visible objects of value. If your car is empty it will not get any unwanted attention. If you do travel by ferry, remember to secure the car with your parking brake, and any loose objects from moving or sliding while the car in being transported.

Stay sharp, try our online training program, CogniFit to help strengthen your cognitive abilities.

CogniFit is an online program designed to enhance your driving related cognitive skills, encourage you to think on your feet (and behind the wheel), and promote safe and smart driving practices. It assesses driving strengths and weaknesses on an individual basis, ensures quick thinking on the road and off, improves mental capacity, and customizes each driver's learning experience.


Young Drivers of Canada West Vancouver Classroom Location - 2002 Park Royal St, Suite 2008A

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