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Young Drivers of Canada Port Hawkesbury driving school driving instructors understand what you will be facing as a driver – on Nova Scotia’s highways, traffic and congestion – and will assist you with safe drivers ed courses to provide you with the confidence to drive defensively. Young Drivers offers Nova Scotia GDL approved driving school courses. At Young Drivers we have designed our safe driving classes for new drivers of all ages, not only to be able to pass their driving test and get their driver license but also to become knowledgeable about life-saving safe driving techniques as well as easy parallel parking instruction.


YD Driving Instructors teach students Emergency Maneuvers

In teaching driving license students how to drive, the YD driving instructor will demonstrate key defensive driving methods designed to provide students with the confidence to drive safely, whenever and wherever. YD driving instructors also teach key skills including freeway/highway driving, head-on collision avoidance, gravel shoulder drop-off, rear crash avoidance - just to name a few. As one of Canada’s top driving schools, Young Drivers of Canada believes that learning to drive and in-car driving training has to include instruction in emergency maneuvers to prevent collisions and possible consequences of distracted driving - which driver training is unavailable or only partially done at other driving schools. This is why as part of getting your driving license, YD in-car instructors demonstrate life-saving techniques that you will practice with a professional by your side so that when, and if it happens for real, you'll know what to do! Notably, YD driving instructors are re-certified annually, again unlike at other driving schools, so that you can be assured that you will receive the best in driver education as you learn to drive and how to park.

Our classroom is located at 301 Alexandra Street Sydney, NS B1S 2E8, with ample parking available in the area.


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Young Drivers of Canada - Port Hawkesbury

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The exclusive YD driving training programs that teaches you not only to learn how to drive and how to park, also includes comprehensive driving training with exclusive in-car emergency response techniques. Drivers face increasing challenges when they learn to drive and want to pass their road test, including increasing driver distractions and traffic congestion. This is why at Young Drivers we teach skills drivers need for learning driving on today's roads, and not just to pass their driver test! Only at Young Drivers of Canada will each graduate receive CogniFit New Driver cognitive training that improves short-term memory, dealing with divided attention, reaction times, changing plans and speed of judgment. Through improvements in cognitive driving skills, YD driving students have a much better chance of avoiding collisions.

The YD Driving School that teaches its students How to Stay Collision-Free

For over 40 years, Young Drivers of Canada school of driving has been teaching new drivers of all ages, and only YD teaches the copyrighted Collisionfree!™ Approach. We offer the most comprehensive driving education courses in Canada, including the exclusive in-car emergency response techniques training, with:

  • Rear Crash Avoidance
  • Emergency Braking
  • Emergency Swerving Techniques
  • Head-on Collision Avoidance


These are only a few of the life-saving defensive driving techniques YD students are taught in a driving course. YD has taught over one million novice drivers to drive safely. We can help you to pass your drivers license test, gain confidence in your driving, or brush up on your driving skills.

Young Drivers Port Hawkesbury driving education makes use of habits and sub-habits to demonstrate how to watch out for other drivers errors - mistakes that could result in collisions that could have been avoided. At YD’s school for driving, the quality of our driving ed programs are monitored on an ongoing basis with four levels of quality control, with Young Drivers of Canada being the ONLY ISO9001:2008 registered school driving in Canada.

At YD We Ensure Learning Driving Students Are Ready for the Road

Every Young Drivers of Canada student must pass three in-class tests and two in-car evaluations to be sure that they are ready to drive a car on their own and take the driver licence test. In car evaluations have to be conducted on their defensive driving skills, while the YD simulated driving license road test assists students to get ready for the real thing, by increasing the likelihood of their passing the driver test the first time to successfully get a driver licence.



Young Drivers of Canada Port Hawkesbury Classroom Location - Sydney, NS

Young Drivers of Canada Port Hawkesbury Classroom Location - Sydney, NS

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