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Here is how you can find our Young Drivers Atikonan Driver training location:

The street address for our Atikokan location is 214 Main Street. It is located at the corner of Marks and Main St in the Economic Development Corporation Centre. It is located on the same side as the restraunt The Iron Mine, the Health & Social Service Building is across the street. (NO BUS services in Atikokan)

Let me tell you why you should learn to drive with YD Driver Training.

Young Drivers of Canada has a life approach when it comes to collisions, which is that accidents can all be avoided. What this translates to is that the majority of the consequences of an crash can be avoided, including fatalities, injuries and specifically, insurance claims.

Young Drivers of Canada focuses on defensive driving and collision avoidance in their course curriculum by providing their exclusive and tailored training to our students.  

Our instructors are recertified every year and approved by the MTO.  All YD students in the car know what to expect out on the road should they ever have to avoid a crash. Emergeny manouvers are not only taught in the classroom but are taught to the student in the car in but in a safe zone aswell, so they understand both in theory and practical situations.

Learn to drive and survive with Young Drivers in Atikonan


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Atikokan of Young Drivers of Canada offers full courses, lessons and more. Gift certificates available!

Interesting in learning how to drive? Not sure where to start driving? Are you busy with work, school and life?

Young Drivers of Canada has the solution!

Our Flexible Quick Start Program will allow you to start a Beginner Driver Education Course immediately!

Beginning with our Online E-Learning Program - you will learn the basics of driving, road rules and vehicle safety and maintanence. You can also work on this from ANYWHERE!  

We have Quick Start Flexible Classroom schedules beginning in specific locations (if these dates do not work for you, call one of our representatives).

Pick a classroom, a start date and we can work with your schedule at your pace and convenience.

Book your in-car lessons whenever it is convenient for you as long as you complete your Ministry-Approved Beginner Driver Education course in one year or less. 

its never too dark out to drive! Learn the road today!



Young Drivers of Canada Atikokan Classroom Information - 214 Main Street

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