Young Drivers Georgetown Driving School

Young Drivers Georgetown Driving School Location

We are located at 16 Mountainview Rd. S., Suite 302 in Georgetown at the corner of Mountainview and Campbell Gate Dr., in the Carretel Building.  We have bus service and ample parking.  Conventienly located close to Walmart Plaza and restaurants.

Collisionfree Driving skills will increase confidence with Georgetown YD 

At Young Drivers, we are committed to helping every student become a competent, responsible and collisionfree driver.      We have been locally owned and operating for over 35 years.  Proudly part of a national company that has taught over 1.2 Million new drivers and growing!  


Young Drivers teaches the four habits and twenty sub-habits of the exclusive YOUNG DRIVERS APPROACH TO COLLISIONFREE! DRIVING. Our driving instructors are certified annually – fully insured - and MOST IMPORTANTLY passionate about teaching new drivers the life-saving skills they need to recognize risks on the road and respond effectively.  

At Young Drivers of Canada we offer a variety of driving packages to suit your needs
  • Full approved Driving School programs
  • Road Test Packages
  • Highway/Freeway Lessons
  • And much more


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Driving Lessons, Top Quality Driving Instructors, More service

Get Licenced, Keep Your Licence

For over 40 years, Young Drivers of Canada has been teaching new drivers of all ages. Only Young Drivers teaches our Collisionfree!™ Approach, it is copyrighted. We offer the most comprehensive driver training courses in Canada, including our exclusive in-car emergency response techniques training. YD has taught over one million novice drivers to drive safely. We can help you to pass your G1 or G2 road test, gain confidence in your driving, or brush up on your driving skills.

Free Online Learner’s Practice Test

If you know someone going for their G1 (learner’s permit) or have a client who could use a rules of the road refresher, please direct them to our website to take this free test for a spin.



Young Drivers of Canada Georgetown Classroom Location - 16 Mountainview Rd. S

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