Young Drivers of Canada - MTO Approved BDE Course Provider Mount Forest Driving School

Here is how you can find our Young Drivers Mount Forest Driver Training Classroom location:

The Young Drivers Mount Forest Classroom is located at the Mount Forest Fire Hall Meeting Room, 381 Main Street North, Mount Forest.

Mount Forest Driver Training that will last you a lifetime. Learn how to drive today for tomorrow. 

Young Drivers of Canada in-class instruction is built on the Collisionfree Approach.  We believe collisions are predictable and preventable.  Our classroom experience gives each student realistic and relevant strategies and tactics for safe driving.  Here are a few things to expect in the classroom:  Survival tactics, Taking care of yourself and your vehicle, handling adverse conditions, emergency situations, risk perception and driving responsibly.

In the car the student gets a chance to get behind the wheel and practice what he/she has learned.  The in-vehicle lessons are private and taught according to the student’s personal learning style.  Our friendly, patient and highly-trained professional instructors make learning to drive safe, fun and an interactive experience.  Here are few things to expect in the car:  Braking, steering, hand-over-hand and backing exercises, right and left turns, collision avoidance techniques, proactive driving, highway/freeway driving, emergency maneuvers and driving evaluations.  

Young Drivers has introduced e-Experience, a new, interactive 10-hour online training program that is only available from YD.  E-experience provides students with basic information needed for success.  The interactive videos, music, animations, photos and graphics make learning to drive a fun and enjoyable experience.


Young Drivers TV

Young Drivers Mount Forest offers full courses, lessons, road test prep, and more!

Save money and time when you take a full driver training course with Young Drivers Mount Forest.  Call to learn more!

YD-Auto – Novice Driver Training (automatic Transmission) with Online CogniFit New Driver and e-Experience

YD-Auto With Road Test Package
Novice Driver Program Plus Road Test Package

Practice for your road test, learn the route, the maneuvers and more.

G2 Road Test for YD Grad 

G Road Test (with a YD Instructor)

Buy some lessons for dad. Learn how to parallel park or get ready for winter driving.

In-Car Lessons only – (In-Car Lesson for non Young Drivers Students in an Automatic Shift Vehicle with a YD Instructor)

In Car Lessons – Package of 5 lessons – (In-car lessons for non Young Drivers Students in an Automatic Shift vehicle with a YD instructor)



Young Drivers of Canada Mount Forest Classroom Location - 381 Main Street North

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