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Steering Control Instruction Collision Avoidance Instruction Traffic Merging Instruction Highway Driving Instruction
Safe Passing Instruction Insurance Savings Instruction Stop Distracted Driving Instruction Head-on Avoidance Instruction
Proper Parallel Parking Instruction Rear Crash Avoidance Rainy Slick Driving Instruction Winter Driving Instruction

  • Defensive driving courses available - we have EXPRESS 4 day, evening and weekend classes.
  • Automatic or Standard (manual) transmission In-car lessons with convenient pick-up and drop-off at home, work, or school (within the Ottawa city limits).
  • Flexible in-class scheduling - if you cannot make all of the dates for the in-class, it is ok to miss a date and make it up at a later time. 
  • Best driving instructors - highly trained and re-certified on a yearly basis. We are the only driving school with ISO-9001 Driving School Certification
  • All of our driving instructors are articulate and fluent in English. We also have bilingual instructors.
  • All ages - high school, mature students for new drivers and refreshers, and for those New to Canada as well as Elder Driver Refresher courses.
  • Anti-distracted driving - Distracted Driving Prevention techniques are included in all our courses.
  • Best value driving course according to the Ontario Safety League.
  • Best insurance discounts available for Young Drivers of Canada program graduates.
  • We offer monthly payment plans with no additional fees or charges.
  • If you do not see a class date that fits your schedule, we will be happy to set up a private course for you. We require a minimum of 10 clients for a private course. Email for details.


Defensive Driving Techniques Increase Confidence at our Ottawa Driving School

Young Drivers of Canada Ottawa Orleans location has driving instructors that understand the difficulties that you will face while driving in Ottawa. Our defensive driving school will prepare you for everything that you need to know such as parallel parking, 3-point turns, hill parking, traffic, congestion, roundabouts, highway and freeway driving. We will teach you how to drive with safe driving practices to provide you with the confidence to drive defensively and pass your road test. We will teach you to drive safely and confidently using our CollisionFree approach to driving. Only YD teaches new drivers to drive by using the 4 habits and 20 sub-habits to see all potential dangers on the road and reduce the risk of collisions.  Our drivers ed program can assist you in passing your road test to get your drivers license. As Canada's top driving school, we believe that your driving lessons have to inlude defensive driving maneuvers and techniques to keep you in control of your car at all times. Only Young Drivers driving instructors are specifically trained to teach:

  • risk perception
  • gravel shoulder recovery
  • head-on collision avoidance
  • threshold/ABS braking
  • emergency braking
  • brake and avoid techniques
  • rear crash avoidance

Your lessons will progress based on your ability and skills. What we do is called competency-based education. Does it make sense to throw you in the deep end of the pool if you have never been in the water before? Would it make sense to put you on the freeway and make you go downtown on your first driving lesson if you have never driven a car before? At Young Drivers we will:

  • start you in a parking lot 
    • show you how all of the controls work in the car such as how to set up your mirrors properly, where the blind spots are in the car, etc.
    • backing and steering exerices to make sure you know how to control the car
    • hand over hand exercises to make sure you know how to steer properly
    • creeping exercises to teach you how to control the speed of your car for 3 point turns, parallel parks, etc.
  • progress to side streets when you are ready/comfortable
    • right and left hand turns
    • right of way at intersections
    • curb judgement
  • progress to busier roads and one way streets
  • freeway driving
  • downtown driving

We space the lessons out so that you can get practice in between each lesson since practice is how you get good at any skill. This re-enforces what we teach. Practice is vital to success whether it is hockey, piano, soccer or driving.

G1 license holders will be eligible to take their road test in 8 months instead of 12 months upon successful completion of the Young Drivers of Canada program.   


 Young Drivers Ottawa Orleans driving school instructor

Only Young Drivers of Canada trains our own instructors at our own private career college.  This course is more demanding than the provincial standards and is reconized as one of the best in the country.  We re-train and re-certify our instructors on a yearly basis to ensure that the content and material that they teach is current and up to date. 

No other Ottawa Driving School offers Better Insurance Savings

Qualified Young Drivers Ottawa Orleans driving school graduates can also benefit from a potential reduction in insurance premiums.  No other Ottawa driving school can offer a better insurance discount.


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Individual driving lessons in Automatic or Manual Transmission are available

Here is how you can find our Orleans Classroom

Our classroom is located at 260 Centrum Blvd.  We are across from the YMCA/YWCA and we are in the same building as the Running Room. Go into the doors next to the Running Room and up the stairs.

Looking For just Driving Lessons?

We offer individual lessons to help you prepare for both your G2 and G Road Tests.

  • Assessment before your road test
  • Help with specific driving skills (parallel parking, freeway driving, highway driving, etc)
  • Winter driving
  • Senior evaluation

Have you taken a road test and failed? You don’t have to do this on your own. Young Drivers can help!

  • Our Ottawa driving school has a driving instructor that can help you. Let a patient and understanding Young Drivers in-car driving instructor review your driving with you and give you honest feedback.
  • Based on the results, we can set up individual lessons or a package of lessons to help you prepare for your road test.

Don’t wait! Start your driver training course today!



Young Drivers of Canada Ottawa Orleans Classroom Location - 260 Centrum Blvd, Suite 4201A

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