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Why Young Drivers Shelburne Driving School?

  • Over 1.3 Million Young Drivers Graduates
  • Over 45 Years in the Driver Education Industry
  • Best Insurance Discounts for our Exclusive Driving School Course
  • Best Driving Instructors - Young Drivers is the only driving school to annually recertify
  • School or Shelburne Library Pickup for in-car driving lessons
  • Best Value Courses according to the Ontario Safety League

“Young Drivers of Canada, We Save Lives. Our exclusive program instills confidence behind the wheel by teaching new drivers safe driving skills. Experience the YD difference”.

Local Young Drivers Centre Owner Brenton Alex Murdoch

Congratulations Sandy Murdoch Young Drivers Orangeville Driving School 2017 Readers choice silver award

As the owner of the Young Drivers of Canada centres in Orangeville and Shelburne I am proud to teach the Young Drivers of Canada Approach to Collisionfree! Driving to the students in this area.
The Young Drivers’ philosophy is that collisions are predictable and preventable.  We are the  ONLY driving school teaching our exclusive system of four habits and twenty sub-habits to train  our students in the skills they need to predict and avoid collision.

Brenton Alex Murdoch

YD tailors learning to each driver. Have fun and learn at your own pace

At Young Drivers, all driving instructors are – Ministry of Transportation Certified – upgraded annually – fully insured - and MOST IMPORTANTLY passionate about teaching new drivers the life-saving skills they need to recognize risks on the road and respond effectively.  

All our MTO Approved Beginner Education Progams Include:

  • Highway/Freeway Experience
  • Parking Made Easy (Including Parallel Parking & Reverse Parking)
  • Exclusive Defensive Driving Maneuvers
  • Gravel Shoulder Recovery
  • Rear Crash Avoidance
  • Head-on Collision Avoidance
  • Emergency Braking
  • Brake & Avoid Techniques
  • Risk perception

Payment Plans Available

ONLY Young Drivers offers convenient monthly payments at no additional charge. (email for details).


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Young Drivers Shelburne teaches novice drivers, adult drivers, senior drivers in all driving environments

Here is some helpful information about our Shelburne Young Drivers Classroom.

In class sessions for students in Shelburne will be held in Orangville. In-car will be completed in Shelburne.

The philosophy of Young Drivers of Canada is that collisions are predictable and preventable. Our in-class instructions is built on the CollisionFree Approach. Our programs offers each student realistic and relevant strategic and tactics for safe driving. In the classroom the following are covered: Handling adverse conditions, taking care of yourself and your vehicle, survival tactics, emergency situations, risk perception and driving responsibly.

We Can Help

If you went to another driving school, or failed your road test, or if you are just not feeling confident behind the wheel - WE CAN HELP!!!

We offer a wide variety of driving lessons and road test packages for both G2 and G road tests to help you feel confident and prepared on test day.

AND we help SENIOR drivers prepare for both G2 and G Road Tests.  


Here are some of the driving courses we teach our students. Its never to late to learn how to drive. Be prepared and be collision free!

YD-Auto – Novice Driver Training (automatic transmission) with Online CogniFit New Driver and e-Experience

YD-Auto with Road Test

Taking a road test doesn't have to be hard. Practice and prepare with one of our programs that includes a road test prep.

Novice Driver Program Plus Road Test Package – (automatic transmission)

G2 Road Test Package for YD Grad

G2 Road Test Package for Non-YD Student

G Road Test

Brush up on your parallel parking. Buy a few lessons for dad or mom. Learn to drive at night.

In-Car Lessons Only

In-Car Lessons – Package of 5 Lessons



Young Drivers of Canada Shelburne Classroom Location - 22 Centennial Rd

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