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Young Drivers of Canada - MTO Approved BDE Course Provider Shelburne Driving School

Here is some helpful information about our Shelburne Young Drivers Classroom.

The philosophy of Young Drivers of Canada is that collisions are predictable and preventable. Our in-class instructions is built on the CollisionFree Approach. Our programs offers each student realistic and relevant strategic and tactics for safe driving. In the classroom the following are covered: Handling adverse conditions, taking care of yourself and your vehicle, survival tactics, emergency situations, risk perception and driving responsibly.

New Local Centre Owner Brenton Alex Murdoch

New Local Centre Owner Brenton Alex Murdoch

When I first started with Young drivers of Canada, Jeffery in Guelph needed help for a short period of time.
At that time I was teaching in car training only, but I was teaching in Guelph, Cambridge, Elora, Fergus.

From there I started teaching for Faith Morphy, the Young Drivers Centre I was originally hired to teach in.
My schedule for Faith included Kitchener, Waterloo, and I have done a number of road tests in Stratford.

Things were moving along well when the Brampton Young Drivers Centre needed help, so I was moved on a part time basis to Brampton, aproximately for a year and a half and got things squared away there.

I continued with my responsibilities in the Kitchener and Waterloo areas when an opportunity arose in the
Listowel area. There I would need further training with YD so I went back to Young Drivers school to learn
in class training. I have been there now for 3 years teaching part time and full time in the Kitchener and Waterloo
areas for a grand total of 8 years.

The next chapter in my life has taken me by surprise, I will be taking over the Orangeville and 
Shelburne Centres.  My goal is to provide each and every student with high quality service.

Brenton Alex Murdoch

YD tailors learning to each driver. Have fun and learn at your own pace

The in-vehicle lessons are private and taught according to the student’s personal learning style. Learning to drive safely is a fun and interactive experience taught by our friendly, patient and highly-trained professional instructors.

The following will be taught in-car:

  • Braking
  • Steering
  • Hand-over-Hand
  • Backing Exercises
  • Right and Left turns
  • Collision Avoidance Techniques
  • Proactive Driving
  • Emergency Maneuvers
  • Highway/Freeway driving

Some of our YD Driving Course is online. This allows students to be involved in the program and learn in the comfort of their own home

Young Drivers uses e-Experience, an interactive 10-hour online training program that is only available from YD. This program provides students with basic information needed for success. Learning to drive is made a fun and enjoyable experience with the use of interactive videos, music, animations, photos and graphics.


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Young Drivers Shelburne teaches novice drivers, adult drivers, senior drivers in all driving environments

Here are some of the driving courses we teach our students. Its never to late to learn how to drive. Be prepared and be collision free!

YD-Auto – Novice Driver Training (automatic transmission) with Online CogniFit New Driver and e-Experience

YD-Auto with Road Test

Taking a road test doesn't have to be hard. Practice and prepare with one of our programs that includes a road test prep.

Novice Driver Program Plus Road Test Package – (automatic transmission)

G2 Road Test Package for YD Grad

G2 Road Test Package for Non-YD Student

G Road Test

Brush up on your parallel parking. Buy a few lessons for dad or mom. Learn to drive at night.

In-Car Lessons Only

In-Car Lessons – Package of 5 Lessons