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Young Drivers Thunder Bay Driving School Location

The Young Drivers Thunder Bay Administration Office is available by telephone as well in person Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm. We would be happy to arrange an in-person meeting on a date/time that is convenient for you - please let us know how we can help you.

The Young Drivers Thunder Bay Classroom access is through the Administration Office.  We are excited with our new location at 1096 Memorial Ave.

There is free parking in the parking lot facing the mini mall, please use the spaces closest to the road as the ones in front of business are reserved parking.


The exclusive Young Drivers Approach to Collisionfree! Driving helps drivers of all ages meet the challenges of driving on today's roads

The Young Drivers Thunder Bay Driving School has been under the leadership of Centre Director Jennifer Berlinquette-Chabluk since 2018 however Jennifer managed the day to day operations of the business since October 2012.  Jennifer’s back ground is accounting, scheduling and office management.

Some of the topics covered in the classroom include:
•    Highway/Freeway Driving
•    Adverse Conditions 
•    Risk Perception

The Young Drivers in car instructors have over 10 years’ experience between them!  They are patient and passionate about teaching new drivers the life-saving skills they need to recognize risks on the road and respond effectively. Young Drivers believes in continuous learning so each instructor must complete a specific number of classroom and in car hours annually to ensure they are always providing the highest quality instruction to our new drivers.

Some of the skills Young Drivers in car instructors teach are:
•    Car control (proper steering technique, speed control)
•    Parking (including parallel parking)
•    Head on collision avoidance
•    ABS braking in an emergency

All of our in-car training is provided in vehicles supplied by Young Drivers.  All Young Drivers vehicles are equipped with special safety features to ensure the safety of the new driver and other road users during in car lessons.


Choose YD Thunder Bay and get the most value for your money.

Learn to drive the smart way with Young Drivers. 

Young Drivers of Canada has a philosophy when it comes to collisions, which is that accidents are predictable and preventable. What this translates to is that the majority of the consequences of an crash can be avoided, including fatalities, injuries and specifically, insurance claims.

Defensive driving courses available - we have EXPRESS 4-day and weekend classes.
Automatic In-car lessons with convenient pick-up and drop-off at home, work, school or within our boundaries of built up areas.
Flexible in-class scheduling - if you cannot make all of the dates for the in-class, it is ok to miss a date and make it up at a later time. 
Best driving instructors - highly trained and re-certified on a yearly basis. We are the only driving school with ISO-9001 Driving School Certification. 
All of our driving instructors are articulate and fluent in English.
All ages - high school, mature students for new drivers and refreshers, and for those New to Canada as well as Elder Driver Refresher courses.
Anti-distracted driving - Distracted Driving Prevention techniques are included in all our courses.
Best value driving course according to the Ontario Safety League.
Best insurance discounts available for Young Drivers of Canada program graduates.
We offer monthly payment plans with no additional fees or charges up to 4 months, if more is required we will work with you on an induvial basis's.


Defensive Driving Techniques Increase Confidence at our Thunder Bay Driving School

Young Drivers of Canada Thunder Bay location have driving instructors that understand the difficulties that you will face while driving in Thunder Bay. Our defensive driving school will prepare you for everything that you need to know such as parallel parking, 3-point turns, hill parking, traffic, congestion, roundabouts, highway and expressway driving. We will teach you how to drive with safe driving practices to provide you with the confidence to drive defensively and pass your road test. We will teach you to drive safely and confidently using our CollisionFree approach to driving. Only YD teaches new drivers to drive by using the 4 habits and 20 sub-habits to see all potential dangers on the road and reduce the risk of collisions.  Our drivers education program can assist you in passing your road test to get your driver’s license. As Canada's top driving school, we believe that your driving lessons have to include defensive driving maneuvers and techniques to keep you in control of your car at all times. Only Young Drivers driving instructors are specifically trained to teach:

  • Risk perception
  • Gravel shoulder recovery
  • Head-on collision avoidance
  • Threshold/ABS braking
  • Emergency braking
  • Brake and avoid techniques
  • Rear crash avoidance

Your lessons will progress based on your ability and skills. What we do is called competency-based education. Does it make sense to throw you in the deep end of the pool if you have never been in the water before? Would it make sense to put you on the highway and make you go downtown on your first driving lesson if you have never driven a car before? At Young Drivers we will:

  • We start you in a parking lot 
    • show you how all of the controls work in the car such as how to set up your mirrors properly, where the blind spots are in the car, etc.
    • backing and steering exercises to make sure you know how to control the car
    • hand over hand exercises to make sure you know how to steer properly
    • creeping exercises to teach you how to control the speed of your car for 3-point turns, parallel parks, etc.
  • Then progress to side streets when you are ready/comfortable
    • right- and left-hand turns
    • right of way at intersections
    • curb judgement
  • Then we progress to busier roads and one-way streets
  • Highway driving
  • Downtown driving

We space the lessons out so that you can get practice in between each lesson since practice is how you get good at any skill. This re-enforces what we teach. Practice is vital to success whether it is hockey, piano, soccer or driving.

G1 license holders will be eligible to take their road test in 8 months instead of 12 months upon successful completion of the Young Drivers of Canada program.   



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Young Drivers of Canada - Thunder Bay Driving School Location

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YD forgot to mention. Young Drivers also offers other great services in Thunder Bay

We also offer

  • Preparation lessons for G2 and G Road Test - on hold until September or October 2019
  • Senior Evaluations - on hold until September or October 2019
  • Senior Preparation lessons for G2 and G Road Test - on hold until September or October 2019



Young Drivers of Canada Thunder Bay Classroom Location - 1096 Memorial Ave

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