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Young Drivers of Canada - North York Driving Lessons Location

The North York driving lessons pickup location is conveniently located at Centrepoint Mall, at Yonge Street and Steeles Ave. W. Lots of parking is available in the mall with many restaurants and coffee shops for snacks or lunch in the mall’s food court.

Young Drivers has the best range of driving classes in North York

Your North York driving classes will provide you with the confidence to drive defensively and will also expose you to what you will face as a driver on Ontario streets and highways, teaching safe driving techniques and dealing with distracted driving. Young Drivers of Canada provides driver training to reduce the number of road deaths and injuries as their mission and commitment.

Winter driving lessons are offered as part of North York driving classes

Young Drivers of Canada North York pickup location is one of few driving schools in North York that offers comprehensive winter driving safety classes. Driving classes and in-car driving instructions for Ontario’s winters have been developed for Young Drivers of Canada students to learn proper winter driving techniques. Our winter driving safety program is inclusive of preparation for new drivers safely driving in the winter, so that drivers and their passengers arrive safely at their destination. Winter driving safety is one of the most important lessons to be learned at the North York Driving School pickup location.



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North York Driving Lessons Location