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The #1 Defensive Driving School In Truro

7 Queen St.
Truro NS B2N 2A7
Phone: (902) 893-4886
Toll Free: 1-800-252-9434

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March 19, 20, 21, 22
March Break Course 
(9 am-4 pm)
YD Classroom - Truro
April 18, 19, 25, 26
Weekend Course
(9 am-4 pm)
YD Classroom - Truro
May 23, 24, 30, 31
Weekend Course
(9 am-4 pm)
YD Classroom - Truro

Learn how to pass your driver's test with patient, qualified instructors.

Classroom Information

The Young Drivers of Canada Truro classroom is located next to Goodlife Fitness and across the street from the Town of Truro Tourist Bureau.  In addition to ample parking, there is a Subway and a Superstore conveniently located across from the classroom as well as many food locations for easy access for our students during break time.

Also serving Amherst Area - should you decide to take the classroom in our Truro area you can complete the driving in our Amherst location.

ONLY Young Drivers Teaches the YOUNG DRIVERS Collisionfree!® Approach. Only YD offers our exclusive Habits and Sub-Habits that teach YD students the skills they need to stay collision-free.

The driving school that offers useful tips when driving in a roundabout!

There can be driver anxiety when it comes to driving in a roundabout, and Truro has them. We promise that roundabouts are not put in as an obstacles for drivers but instead, when used correctly, roundabouts can improve road safety and can actually have advantages.  Be sure to watch the following video featuring our Young Drivers of Canada Director of Training who has been teaching safe driving habits at our driving school for over twenty years. 

Not only can roundabouts help manage increased traffic demand, but they can also be part of the green driving solution by eliminating idling at intersections. Driving lessons for driving in a roundabout in Truro include slowing down upon entry, yielding to other cars and pedestrians, remembering to signal your intent and choosing the correct lane to drive in.

You shouldn’t drive beside another road user when you enter, let the driver pass before you enter. Choose the correct lane before you reach the roundabout as lane changes are prohibited and dangerous while in the roundabout. Signs are quite visible before you reach the roundabout that can help you make that choice. This usually means that drivers can enter a multilane roundabout with space on their sides. This can make their exit onto the new road much easier. 

State-of-the-Art Program

At Young Drivers of Canada our education experts update the YD Program every year. Driver distraction and increased traffic congestion are just a few of the changes in the driving scene in the last few years. We teach YD students the skills they need to meet the challenges of driving on today's roads. Our program is recognized by Access Nova Scotia's Road Safety Programs allowing our graduates to take their road test in three months instead of the normal six month waiting period.

Insurance Reductions

Our graduates qualify for exclusive discounts on Insurance.  Select insurance companies give increased discount to YD graduates only.  Independent studies show that our graduates have a better driving profile and are safer drivers.  Rewarding our graduates by giving YD grads increased discounts mean huge savings!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Free Road Test Package

Package includes a warm-up lesson immediately before the DMV Road Test and the use of the YD instructor vehicle for the road test itself.  We must schedule the appointment with the DMV for you to ensure that it fits into the instructor schedule!  (Does not include fees payable to the DMV

Free CogniFit - because Young Drivers of Canada cares

Only at Young Drivers will each student receive CogniFit New Driver cognitive training that can improve short-term memory, divided attention, reaction time, changing plans and speed of judgement. These improved cognitive skills will make passing a driver's test more likely and give them a much better chance of avoiding collisions.

Integrated Program: In-Class and In-Vehicle

At Young Drivers we ensure continuity between the theory portion of the program taught in a classroom setting and the in-car portion of our program. What our students learn in the classroom is what they practise in the car. Our in-class instructors teach skills like freeway/highway driving, head-on collision avoidance, gravel shoulder drop-off, rear crash avoidance - just to name a few.  The YD in-car instructors demonstrate these life-saving techniques.  Then YD students have the opportunity to practice these skills with a professional by their side.  Each student receives 25 hours of classroom theory and 10.25 hours of private one on one in-car instruction.  That means when it happens for real - they'll know what to do!

Graduated Lic. Certification

YOUNG DRIVERS® graduates are exempt from the SIX HOUR Defensive Driving Course that is required by law in order to exit the Graduated Licensing Program at the end of your two year waiting period.  The six hour course has been incorporated into the 25 hours of classroom training, saving you time and money

Responsible and Ecological

Young Drivers is recognized by Natural Resources Canada as an Auto$mart Registered Driving School. Learn how to drive safely, save money and protect the environment by using fuel-efficient driving techniques!

Students Learn at their Own Pace

All students are taught the Habits and Sub-Habits of the YOUNG DRIVERS Collisionfree!® Approach. Our learning system allows students learn at their own pace. Students are evaluated on each of the techniques taught using a 1 - 10 scale. This means they know what to practice and can develop new skills at their own pace.  Workbooks are provided to each student in the classroom portion of the program and are used to document each in-car session in efforts of communicating the individual progress of each student.  Students will also complete a learning style evaluation that show us which teaching techniques should be used by the instructor to insure the best possible learning experience. 

YD Students Learn How to Stay Collision-Free

We know that traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for Canadians under the age of 25. That's why we teach the Collisionfree!® Approach. Statistics show that more than 90% of collisions are caused by driver error. The 4 YD Habits and 20 Sub-Habits show our students how to watch out for other drivers errors - mistakes that often result in collisions that could have been prevented.

Quality Assurance - ISO9001:2008

Our Head Office constantly monitors the quality of the Program we offer through four levels of quality control. Young Drivers of Canada is the ONLY ISO9001:2008 registered driving program in Canada.  That means we deliver what we promise!

YD Emergency Manoeuvres - Exclusive to Young Drivers

ONLY Young Drivers teaches our copyrighted emergency manoeuvres:
Rear Crash Avoidance; Emergency Braking; Emergency Swerving Techniques; Head-on Collision Avoidance, Gravel Shoulder Recovery - those are just some of the life saving techniques YD students are taught.

Highway/Freeway Driving

Under Graduated Licensing regulations a novice driver can only drive on the highway and freeway when accompanied by a licensed instructor. YD students are taught the correct way to merge and exit these busy roadways.

YD Instructors are Re-certified Annually

We know the importance of continuous learning. That's why our in-class and in-car instructors are re-certified on an annual basis to ensure their knowledge is current and their skills are at the high level our customers have come to expect.

Free Online Learner`s Testing Program

Students have access to online simulated testing program.  Using this program helps students practice for their government beginners test.

We Make Sure Our Students Are Ready for the Road

Every YD student must pass two in-class tests and two in-car evaluations to make certain they are ready to drive on their own. In the car students will be evaluated on their defensive driving skills. Also with the YD simulated road test, we help YD students get ready for the real thing thus increasing their chances of passing their road test the first time. 

Online Co-Driver Program

 Free online Co-Driver Program that gives your co-driver tips and hints to help with practice at home (Exclusive to YD).

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