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  • Available courses include EXPRESS 3 Day, Evenings and Weekend classes.
  • In-car Lessons with Convenient at-Home or Your Location Pickup scheduled at your convenience.
  • Best Driving Instructors with ISO-9001 Driving School Certification.
  • All Ages, High School and Mature Students for new drivers and refreshers, and for those New to Canada as well as Elder Driver Refresher courses.
  • Anti-Distracted Driving - Distracted Driving Prevention techniques are included in our courses.

Young Drivers driving lessons and driving training programs prepare you to take the driver license test and unlike other driving schools you learn to drive with defensive driving and emergency maneuvers, including how to park easily. Your YD driving course is a ICBC approved driving class, so that your driving license test is much easier to complete and pass. Take the time to learn how to drive with driving training that is comprehensive, convenient and safe.

Your Kerrisdale driving classes are designed to to expose you to what you will face as a driver on Vancouver streets and to provide you with the confidence to drive defensively. Safe driving techniques taught in a driving lesson include avoiding distracted driving. Providing driver training in Kerrisdale for your driver test, and to obtain your drivers license, that is designed to reduce the number of road deaths and injuries is part of our mission and commitment.


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Learn How to Drive a Car in Kerrisdale for your Driving License

The Kerrisdale driving school location is on the second floor of West 41st Avenue just around the corner of West Blvd. A Starbucks can be found across the street with a Mcdonalds nearby for snacks or lunch during a break. On street parking in front of the classroom is available as well as in the area. The YD driving school is in one of the most convenient locations of driving schools in the Kerrisdale area to train for your driver license and pass the drive test.

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Winter driving lessons are offered as part of Kerrisdale safety driving

In-class as well as in-car driving training for winter driving in the Kerrisdale area is available to teach safe winter driving techniques and to prepare for safely driving in the winter. One of the most important Kerrisdale driving classes lessons to be learned is winter driving safety.


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