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Driving in winter conditions programs for the Mississauga area offer a combination of in-class and on-road training to teach winter driving techniques. You will learn winter driving safety skills that will include emergency maneuvers, hazard awareness and winter road safety.

Don’t be afraid of bad winter driving, driving in snow or driving in icy conditions. The Mississauga YD Winter Driving courses cover safe winter driving under snow driving and ice road driving conditions, in the city and on Ontario's highways, including during heavy snow, black ice, sleet, as well as preparing for winter driving.

YD Winter Safety Courses

As part of the Winter Safety courses and lessons offered by Young Drivers of Canada you will learn:

  • How to Avoid Skids, Emergency Maneuvres and Skid Recovery
  • How to move through traffic in changing winter conditions on treacherous surfaces such as bridge decks, hills and highways
  • How to use Emergency Braking, Collision Avoidance and Emergency Lane Changes
  • To understand the importance and interaction of Visibility, Traction, Steering, Braking and Acceleration
  • To read Road conditions and Shorten Stopping Distances on slippery roads
  • To Maintain Traction under all winter conditions
  • Proper braking techniques using ABS, ATS (Automatic traction Control) and ESP (stability or skid control programs)
  • Tire Grip Limits and appropriate Tire Combinations
  • Valuable winter driving safety tips for How to Stay Safe in Winter, Prepare for Winter Driving, and How to Drive in Winter Conditions

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Beyond Defensive Driving

We aim to teach you how to be safer on winter roads through demonstrating safe driving in snow and icy driving conditions. Young Drivers of Canada has developed safe winter driving techniques that greatly increase control and confidence, in how to drive on snow and on ice in Ontario. Top rated instructors use in-car extreme braking and winter handling situations at the YD winter driving school, with Young Drivers highest level of commitment to safety for their students. In-class lessons are designed to dispel misconceptions regarding winter driving techniques as well as add to your winter vehicle preparation knowledge, the best tires for winter driving and winter road safety.

Young Drivers of Canada safety winter driving courses are for all drivers and take you beyond defensive driver training, offering the safest level of winter driving in Canada. Your YD instructor will take you onto real ice and snow conditions so that you will be prepared to know what to do in these conditions, weather permitting. YD’s highly trained instructors are with you at all times to guide and give you instant feedback.

Safe winter driving involves unique skills to deal with changing winter conditions

Mississauga's YD winter driving instructors are experienced in all types of vehicles including those with front wheel, rear wheel and all wheel drive. Ice driving and safe driving in snow that demand the ultimate in vehicle control with limited traction conditions, are the techniques of maintaining car control in winter conditions that YD will pass on to you no matter what kind of car you drive.

Don’t leave your winter safety education to trial and error with lives at stake - learn with the best, Young Drivers of Canada. We Save Lives!

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