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Have the best in-vehicle training using Automatic Transmission vehicles to help you learn how to drive defensively

Be proactive! Learn to drive defensively now! Start today!

At Young Drivers of Canada our course is government approved for Graduated Licensing. That means, you get a 4 month benefit -- rather than waiting 12 months from the date of issue of your permit to attempt your road test, you can attempt at 8 months or any time thereafter when ready.

Training for new, experienced, young, old and never to late to learn drivers!

Looking for just a few lessons? We offer private one-on-one instruction in our vehicle. We can help you pass your road test the first time!

We offer basic, intermediate and advanced packages in an automatic shift vehicle. We start at the basics and ease you into the advanced training with confidence and the knowledge to drive collisionfree!

Save money with Young Drivers of Canada Moncton by taking our full course. Save money and lives!

Insurance discounts apply to YD graduates! When you complete our course, you will receive a Young Drivers certificate. Just take that to your insurance company and enjoy the benefits of having received a great driving education.


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